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Key Takeaways

Influencer Engagement: Utilizing influencers is increasingly crucial, as 80% of marketing professionals consider influencer marketing effective, especially for content promotion and audience engagement on platforms like Instagram (Semrush).

Video Content Preference: Video content remains dominant in capturing audience attention on social media, with platforms like Instagram emphasizing video over other content types for higher engagement rates (Semrush).

Emphasize Quality and Relevance: High-quality, relevant content tailored to audience preferences and enhanced with appropriate hashtags can significantly boost organic engagement and leads on social media platforms.

Facebook, now referred to as Meta and Instagram are two social media platforms that are a part of any and every social media marketing strategy! But while these platforms are the top choices for social media marketing, they can be equally difficult to tackle and utilise for important goals such as organic lead generation. Now that we have mentioned lead generation, this article covers some tried and tested tips for lead generation for Facebook and Instagram.

Tips To Get Organic Leads From Meta

While Meta is among the most preferred platforms for social media marketing, getting organic leads from Meta is not an easy task! And while there are multiple ways to do this, organic leads are difficult because they are very different from the reach and impressions you get on your posts. But we have you covered! Here are some tips that you can utilise to get organic leads from Meta:-

Focus On Creating Engagement

The majority of Meta algorithms suggest that engagement can have a huge impact on your business’s reach. Your main focus should not just be to get engagement on your post but also initiate engagement amongst your audience. Giving your audience a basis for interacting with each other can bring your post and in turn your brand in the light and introduce it to a newer audience.

According to Falcon.IO reports, the content that has the talking in the comment sections tends to register a major boost when it comes to the organic reach. Now how do you initiate engagement at this level? You need to know your audience better and understand what they like and care for. A tried and tested method of getting high engagement is to add a question or two at the end of the post to get your audience thinking. Another is to create posts around trending topics.

Explore Multiple Post Formats

A great way of getting organic leads is by exploring multiple post formats. Creating a strategy with multiple post formats can keep your feed fresh and help you reach out to a wider audience that has different post preferences. Another benefit is that if a particular type of posts, like image or photos, hasn’t been performing well then you can always explore videos or other post formats that your audience will take to more positively and help you get a better reach.

Keeping your feed fresh can help you get decent attention from genuine target audience. Also, keep tracking the reach of each content format to understand your performance and lead generation results better. By understanding this, you would have a better idea about what is going to reach the News Feed of your target audience more. Also if your content is interesting, your audience will share it with their friends and families which will automatically give you marketing without you having to do much after sharing your content.

Tap Into Your Audience’s Emotions

Whatever you share on Meta should be inspirational and should make your audience feel something. One of the most successful ways of getting organic reach for your Meta posts is by appealing to the emotions of your audience. If your piece is relatable for your audience, then your posts can get better engagement.

Posts that can create anticipation and curiosity in the audience are likely to get better organic leads. Furthermore, trust is another positive emotion that has the potential to make your posts go viral. However, just the feeling created from your posts does not have everything for your reach. It is the other way round as well. It has been observed that posts that have been shared multiple times can make your audience feel admiration for your brand.

Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing content for your Facebook Business Page is another way to generate genuine organic leads. Your aim however should be to repurpose content that is not time or date-specific. Such content is only useful for a given time period and is not going to drive organic audiences to your platforms. Using content that has performed well in the past is likely to perform well again and get you some organic leads.

But that does not mean that the content that couldn’t do well before is not worth repurposing. Several times, a content piece can perform very well when shared the second time around. Another advantage besides getting more organic leads for your business is that you can get plenty of valuable insights that can help you improve your online and social media strategies.

Whenever you share any content on Meta via links, Meta analyses the quality of those links and accordingly sets its position in the News Feed of the users. Now what are the criteria of high quality links? Some points of judgement include prioritising posts with links that load quickly. Another is discarding and penalising posts with links that create a false click-bait. Yet another criterion is ranking posts with links that lead to low-quality web pages with objectionable content, without actual ads and excessive ads low in the rank panel.

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Meta also assesses the engagement with a post with links. On the basis of the number of clicks on the link, Meta either decides to display the post in News Feeds or leave it be. It is therefore essential for you to optimise your post links according to Meta guidelines to ensure that it reaches a larger audience and can increase your organic leads. But just optimising your links is not going to be enough. Make sure you add relevant links for your audience to increase engagement possibilities.

Tips To Get Organic Leads From Instagram

Instagram has potentially more opportunities than any other platform. Furthermore, Instagram allows one to get more creative and informal in planning the Instagram strategies to cater to an audience that is looking for something different. But the more options you have, the more confusing it can get for your strategizing and planning efforts. Here are some tips to get organic leads from Instagram:-

Instagram Lead Ads

Instagram Lead Ads is the most popular way of getting leads for your business account. These ads are created to aid businesses in information collection. The information usually pertains to personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, job profiles, birthdays and more. The Lead Ads are used for Instagram marketing campaigns and collect leads directly without any hassle. One necessity of using the Instagram Lead Ads is having a Business account for your brand.

Another essential is having a Facebook Page for your business, since all the Instagram ads are created in the Ads Manager of your business’s Facebook Page. Make sure you read through the Instagram ad specifications to ensure your ads run on the platform without any interruption. Out of the several features you need to go through and consider for your Instagram Lead Ads, one very useful feature is the Lookalike Audiences feature. This can help you target profiles that are similar to your customers’ profiles and therefore, boost your reach to new prospects.

Add CTAs In Your Profile

A Business Account on Instagram allows you to easily add CTAs and Action Buttons on your profile. These CTAs can be links to your online shop or even simple contact links for customers and your followers to get in touch with your business. These may be displayed in buttons such as “Call,” “Email,” “Visit” (usually used for addresses), or “Shop.” This is one of the easiest ways for new prospects to get in touch with you and is often more preferred as it cuts down the steps to communication and is direct in taking the desired actions.

For Instagram Business accounts, there are some more buttons that can be used for better lead generation. These include Book, Reserve and Get Tickets CTAs. When your followers or new users click on these buttons, they are directed to a form created by Instagram providers. There are several providers such as Eventbrite, Resy, Appointly, and others and if you are using any of these buttons, you can choose among these business providers.

Use The “Swipe Up” Feature

You can embed links in your Instagram Stories. And you can do this by using the “Swipe Up” feature more often. For businesses with a large follower base, the “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram can be truly useful in generating leads. Plus, it is a quicker way to introduce your audience to your brand. All they have to do is swipe up and they land on your online store. This is much easier and time-saving than visiting your account and accessing the link from your bio, even if it takes just a few more seconds.

What you need to remember in this case is that when your followers are visiting your website through the “Swipe Up” feature, most of the time they are acting on impulse. If the next thing is not good or engaging enough, they are not likely to do it again. It is therefore important for you to create a good and engaging landing page to keep the prospective leads on your page for long. Another useful thing to do – add these stories with links as highlights to your profile so that they stay there unless removed intentionally by you! This can increase the visibility of your website.

Partner With Influencers

Partnering with influencers is again a great way of generating new organic leads for your brand. Instagram has innumerable successful influencers whom you can approach. These influencers sometimes come up with the most innovative and creative ways to promote your products. Also, influencers often try to promote your service or product by using it themselves. A product or service in use displays its efficacy and utility, building even more trust in the audience.

When selecting an influencer to partner with, to get the most prospective results from your partnership, make sure that the influencers possess a strong brand affinity. You also need to target influencers with a large follower as well as fan base. If the fan base of an influencer trusts him/her, partnering with them is going to add credibility to your brand. This is especially true for new startups and brands.

Host Contests And Giveaways

This is one of the most useful ways of collecting organic leads through Instagram. Contests with an exciting prize or Giveaways are great ways of attracting customers to your brand. Your giveaways can have simple conditions of participation such as “Tag 3 of your friends!” Your audience will be ready to do such simple tasks and moreover, will do it repeatedly every time you host a contest or giveaways.

In the given example, these three friends will visit your post/profile when they get a notification about being tagged and you can generate hundreds of leads just from a single post. Ask your followers to participate in simple surveys with email signups. Ask them to post a story about their favourite service/product to participate in a giveaway. Create urgency with limited time giveaway offers. Such contests and giveaway strategies create excitement and drive organic leads to your brand.


In conclusion, leveraging the potential of Meta and Instagram for organic lead generation requires a strategic approach and utilization of various tools and features offered by these platforms. From fostering engagement and tapping into emotions to utilizing lead ads, CTAs, and influencer partnerships, there are numerous avenues to explore. By implementing these tips effectively, businesses can not only increase their organic reach but also cultivate meaningful connections with their target audience, ultimately driving growth and success in the digital landscape.


Q1. What are the best practices for increasing organic reach on Facebook?

1. Optimize your profile and ensure all information is complete and engaging.
2. Create high-quality, relevant content that encourages interaction, such as likes, comments, and shares.
3. Utilize Facebook Groups to connect with a targeted audience by engaging in community discussions and sharing valuable content.
4. Post consistently and at times when your audience is most active to maximize visibility.

Q2. How can I use Instagram to generate organic leads?

1. Focus on crafting high-quality posts with visually appealing images and videos since Instagram is a highly visual platform.
2. Use relevant hashtags to reach new audiences; research and include hashtags that your target audience is likely to follow.
3. Engage with followers through comments, direct messages, and Instagram Stories, making sure to respond quickly to any interactions.
4. Share user-generated content to build community and trust, and to encourage more engagement from your audience.

Q3. What type of content works best for generating leads on social media?

1. Educational content that addresses your audience’s pain points, such as how-to guides, tips, and tutorials.
2. Interactive content like polls, quizzes, and contests can drive engagement and attract attention.
3. Behind-the-scenes content, which helps humanize your brand and build a stronger connection with your audience.
4. Testimonials and success stories to provide social proof and influence potential customers’ buying decisions.

Q4. How often should I post on Facebook and Instagram to get organic leads?

1. Consistency is key; aim to post on Facebook 3-5 times per week and on Instagram at least once per day.
2. Adjust your posting schedule based on engagement metrics and the specific behaviors of your audience.
3. Use scheduling tools to maintain a consistent presence even when you are not online.

Q5. Are there any tools or features on Facebook and Instagram that help increase lead generation?

1. Utilize Facebook Insights and Instagram Analytics to track engagement and refine your strategy based on data.
2. Explore Facebook and Instagram ads to boost posts that are performing well organically.
3. Implement Instagram Stories and Highlights to showcase products or services, promotions, and testimonials more dynamically.

Q6. How do I measure the success of my efforts in generating leads on these platforms?

1. Track conversions through dedicated landing pages linked from your social media profiles.
2. Use UTM parameters to monitor traffic sources and understand which social media tactics drive the most leads.
3. Regularly review your engagement rates, follower growth, and interaction patterns to gauge audience interest and content effectiveness.

How to generate organic leads on Facebook?

To generate organic leads on Facebook, focus on creating valuable content that engages your audience. Use targeted posts, leverage Facebook Groups, interact actively with followers, host contests or giveaways, and encourage sharing. Utilize Facebook Live and Stories for real-time engagement, and optimize your page and posts for search visibility within Facebook.

How to generate organic leads on Instagram?

To generate organic leads on Instagram, optimize your profile with a clear CTA, post high-quality content regularly, engage authentically with followers, use relevant hashtags, leverage Stories and IGTV for interactive content, collaborate with influencers, and include effective CTAs in your posts to drive actions like website visits or sign-ups.

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