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During the earlier times, having a phone was a luxury, and for playing games, people would play with their friends and neighbours outside their homes. But with the rapid growth in technology, owning a mobile phone is no more a luxury, and it has in fact become a basic necessity for everyone. People used to play ping pong on computers and snake games on phones. That was the life before the growth of technologies. But now, everything has changed.

Everyone plays games. Some for fun, while some for their profession and some for time pass. It’s safe to say that games are with us at all points in time. If we are bored, we play games. If we are bored with the existing games, we quickly download and play a new game. But do you know certain gaming app trends are extremely welcoming and popular among people? Here are some of the trends to look out for. 

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality creates an artificial environment that mimics the actual world by using computer technology. VR tries to place the user inside the simulated environment to enhance their experience. Using VR in gaming is a successful trend as it gives the player a feel as if he is in the game. This technique is popular because it gives the immersive experience that every user wants while playing games. Developers are now working to create more VR games, so the cost of a VR set is predicted to go down soon! 

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is slightly different from virtual reality. AR enhances the real existing world with cartoons or other technologies that make it fun to work with. The game Pokemon Go is an example of AR. Irrespective of whether one has played it, it is extremely popular because of its extremely high-end graphics combined with Augmented Reality. AR uses real-world images and adds the required sound effects and other animated elements to give users a different experience. Apart from gaming, it is also popular in new product launch campaigns! 

3. Live gaming 

How fun would it be if you could interact with your friends while simultaneously playing games with them? That’s what live gaming is all about! Many YouTubers have live-streamed themselves playing games with their subscribers, which has increased their interaction count fairly. Live gaming has proved extremely beneficial in enhancing one’s concentration and sharpening the brain. Popular games like Fortnite, Battlefront, and Anthem have risen to popularity because of this live gaming experience. 

4. Provides social interaction

Games can never go out of trend. Question yourself, which game do you prefer the most? The one you can play with your friends or the one which bores you with loneliness? Obviously, the former one. No one wants to play a game by themselves. People love people. If not friends, one can at least play with the computers. 

This is why the rise of multiplayer games has risen phenomenally. Such gaming platforms offer the chance to the users to socialise, interact and team up with each other. Many games allow you to share your ranking on social media. This can boost your confidence and make others play with you as well. 

5. Cross-platform games

Not everyone can afford to play VR or own a PS5. So how about a game that allows multiple players to play the same game through different platforms? That would allow many players to interact and play the game in a fun manner. These games are made in technologies that allow the players to play the game with a constant experience irrespective of the device. The objective of these types of games is to offer a holistic gaming experience where they will not face glitches either on PC, tablets, or smartphones. 

6. Wearable gaming 

The wearable goodies are extremely popular in the fitness industry as it allows instant tracking of heartbeat, tracks the calories burned, and counts the number of steps a user has walked. But do you know, these are trending in the gaming industry as well? When combined with the new technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality, the games can provide an engaging experience to the players. With a small device in hand delivering such engaging games, who doesn’t want to own one? 

7. Games targeting all age groups 

Such types of games have been the classic trend! Most of the games are targeted towards the new age group of Gen- Z and millennials. But what about ludo? We all have played it at least once with our friends and families during the lockdown period. It has become the most popular game with over 300 million downloads in the lockdown! But is there anything new in ludo? Of course not! It’s just the same game with dice and tokens. But what made it the most popular game? It is because of the mere fact that the game is simple and can be easily played by everyone irrespective of their age. That is the main strategy behind the development of this game- target all age groups. 

8. No download games 

When complicated documents and sheets can be made instantly without the download of Microsoft Office, why not games? As their names suggest, the no download games do not require any downloads. So it will not occupy any space and will not eat up your storage. They work perfectly fine with a good internet connection. They use cloud technology to provide the users with an actual game-like feel without downloading it. By using the internet, one can easily access such games and play. Some of the popular cloud-based games are Drawasuras, Playkey and LiquidSky. 

9. Give old games a modern twist 

People have a special feel for old things. That could be because of the actual game or the memory associated with it. Can we all forget the bouncing ball or the snake game that we played on the basic Nokia phone? No. It might not be made with the best technology, but still, at that time, it was the best. So why not recreate those old games with the help of new technologies? People have an instant bonding and an urge to download and play the game. 

10. Facial recognition and vocal commands

With the rise of artificial intelligence everywhere, why not make a game that uses these popular features like face recognition and voice commands? We all love cartoons and animations. So why not make a game that can identify our facial features and make us the cartoon that plays the game? Sounds fun. How about we can use our voice to command while playing the game? That sounds even better. Having a character that looks like the animated version of you, along with your voice commanding others, can be quite an incredible combination in gaming. 

Wrapping Up 

This blog gives an insight into the gaming trends that are rising and popular in 2024. In the earlier days, people had very few options related to games. But with the sudden technical development of 2011, everything changed. Gone were the days when people used to play games for just time pass and entertainment. Instead, people nowadays choose gaming as their profession and game development as their full-time job! Of course, game development is not an easy task, but still, people are doing it as the gaming industry promises them more than just a job! 

It feels like an everlasting industry, and the opportunities are endless. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the new concepts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality surfaced. People feel enhanced experience and these simulated realities make them forget their reality! Live gaming is also quite popular among people as it helps the users to live-stream themselves playing games with their audiences. This gives them a chance to show their actual self in front of people. 

Cross platform games and wearable games are rising, and it hasn’t been fully developed yet. However, like web apps, there exists something called web games that allows the users to play games without downloading the game. People prefer these because they allow them to play different games without eating up the storage space. 

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Some trends like giving an old classical game a modern twist and giving voice commands can never go out of style. Certain games allow people to capture their facial features and see them converted to cartoon characters playing games! With all these trends set for the year, what are you waiting for? Come, get a game developed from us and bloom your business in style! Happy gaming!

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