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It’s impossible to use the internet and not notice the boom in online shopping. E-commerce apps have evolved into a way of life, especially as more and more consumers become digitally aware. Moreover, ever since e-commerce businesses entered the market, individuals have discovered that shopping online is much easier. According to Business of Apps, single vendor e-commerce mobile app revenue reached over $3.56 trillion in 2021, representing a 22% increase over 2020.

E-commerce has become a moderator of every household because of the ease and unique features it provides to its customers. Gone are the days when you used to travel from one place to another in search of your favourite commodity. Your product will arrive at your place with a single click without any drudgery. But what makes an e-commerce app successful? This article discusses some unique and enhanced features that make a single vendor e-commerce app worth using and convenient for both retailers and customers. 

As a business owner, you must be aware of and responsive to your customer’s demands. How can you use this information to your advantage to boost e-commerce sales? The solution is straightforward: your online store needs a mobile app. An e-commerce app is crucial for realising the full potential of your company. Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of a single vendor e-commerce mobile app, and the must-have features of an e-commerce mobile application.

What is a Single Vendor E-commerce Mobile App?

A single-vendor e-commerce store is an online marketplace where one seller sells products (or services) to multiple customers. Most of the time, these stores don’t offer a wide range of goods or services.

Certain e-commerce app features improve the usability of your mobile application, speed up the purchasing process, and provide wonderful user experiences. Therefore, it’s critical to make the process effortless. So, bring online shopping to your consumers’ fingertips to spare them the trouble of turning on their computers or accessing websites.

 And to resolve your difficulty of which features to incorporate into your app, this article introduces you to 10 crucial elements for your single vendor e-commerce mobile application.

10 Important Features to Include in a Single Vendor E-commerce Mobile App

1. Quick Registration Process

A simple and quick registration or signup process is usually appealing to customers. Long registration forms that require more than two or three responses negatively influence conversion rates. Therefore, make sure the registration procedure for your e-commerce mobile app is quick and easy. Enable options for social connect, allowing customers to use their email addresses and phone numbers with OTP as the login, or let them log in via external accounts such as Facebook or Google so that they can sign up or sign in with just a few taps. Such a simple signup process dramatically expands the potential customer base for a mobile online store. 

2. Multiple Payment Methods

One of the leading causes of cart abandonment is the inability to use the desired payment method in an e-commerce app because different users prefer different payment methods. As a result, a limited number of payment options does not suffice, and in-app payments are now a common feature in e-commerce mobile apps. Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and other quick and practical payment methods are just a few of the many mobile app payment choices available. If your e-commerce web store serves customers from several countries, the payment provider should also offer many international transaction options. Therefore, one of the most crucial aspects you should concentrate on when developing an e-commerce mobile app is safely integrating all these payment choices. 

3. Detailed Product Information

Long and in-depth product descriptions may appear unneeded because it is widely believed that attractive product images are sufficient to draw in customers. But product descriptions are crucial, regardless of the device. Customers should be able to verify a product’s specifications, including type, size, weight, colour, material, and warranty, enabling them to access all the information they require in a single place. By giving customers such in-depth product knowledge, you lower the possibility of product returns, impulsive purchases, and customer discontent.

4. Enhanced User Experience

With the availability of so many clear-cut, user-friendly apps available, users won’t hesitate to switch apps if it does not meet their needs. You must add useful sorting and filtering tools if you offer a vast selection of goods. Users can utilise this feature to easily find the products they’re looking for without having to browse through your entire collection. Many retailers employ sophisticated recommendation engines nowadays to promote personalisation and provide their customers with pertinent product offers and recommendations. As a result, customers become more loyal and are more likely to shop at your online store again. 

5. One-touch Customer Support

For customers, nothing is more aggravating than a never-ending game of telephone tag to get in touch with customer support. If a consumer has any issues or concerns with a product, shipment, payment, or anything else, they should be able to get in touch with customer service without any trouble. Customers will feel appreciated and stay loyal if their inquiries are promptly answered. Any successful mobile retail outlet must provide a means for customers and salespeople to communicate with one another. Facilitating interactions between customers and support needs to be an essential part of e-commerce app development.

6. Product Reviews

Customers should be able to access items and reviews just like on the e-commerce website. It’s also critical to allow customers to leave product reviews, as they serve as a driving force in the e-commerce sector and help to establish your credibility. When customers feel satisfied and leave reviews, the brand gains transparency, which, in turn, fosters customer loyalty. Retailers get genuine product feedback through this feature, allowing them to make relevant alterations and changes in the quality of their products. It makes them aware of whether this product is liked by all or not, what problems the customers are facing with this product, and why they do not like it. 

7. Push Notifications

Push notifications provide several advantages, including notifying customers of tailored marketing efforts, hot flash sales, saved goods that have returned to stock, and new product updates. These subtle nudges will help get your brand’s message across to consumers. Moreover, this functionality, combined with analytics and avoiding cliches in your marketing, will quickly result in a big sales boost. With this direct way of communicating with your customers through push notifications, you have a greater chance to achieve your business objectives and inspire immediate action. 

8. Order Tracking

From the moment they place the order, customers can’t wait to have their products in hand. Therefore, an order tracking feature is essential in every e-commerce app. It helps the customer to keep track of their product’s delivery status. Is the product ready to dispatch? Has the product been shipped? What is the expected delivery time? These questions pop into the customer’s mind, and the order tracking feature in the application helps resolve them. It allows the customer to stay updated and monitor the order’s progress, ensuring they receive their items promptly.

9. Wishlist

 The wishlist feature is one of the most loved features, which promotes customer loyalty and makes them feel supreme. It is a common practice to add your favourite products to the wishlist and later to the cart when you feel like buying them. This way, the products you’re eyeing on doesn’t get lost. We all have plenty of wishlist items, and at any time in the future, if you want to purchase a product you liked two months ago, you can just browse through your wishlist and buy it. This feature is not only loved by the users but also by retailers as it helps them to keep a check on customers’ tastes and preferences and send them relevant product recommendations and notifications.

10. Product Video

Having a video of the model wearing your product is as important as having an image of the product. You can like the product by seeing its picture, but by looking at the complete video, one can determine if the product will suit them or not. According to Think With Google, over 50% of shoppers said that online video helped them decide on which brand or product to purchase. As a retailer, adding a video of the product can help them highlight the features and qualities of the product, making it more fascinating and appealing to the customers.

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Shoppers are no longer confined to geographical boundaries. E-commerce has taken over the world, and now it’s the e-commerce platform that needs to enhance maximum features to provide satisfaction to their customers who’ve been loyal to them.  

Retailers should ensure they are selling quality products and not get involved in any unfair practices. Despite being an online platform, the “customer is king” policy should be followed, and customers’ preferences should be prioritised.

In a nutshell, if you’re a customer, you must look for the above features in any e-commerce application, and if you’re a retailer or a budding retailer, you know the fact that India is becoming digital, so why confine your business to physical stores only? Make it digitally available by building an incredible single-vendor e-commerce mobile app so that your products and services are globally available. 

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