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Escrow payment security services are a type of payment service used to ensure that funds are transferred securely. A purchase and sale agreement, signed by all three parties involved – the buyer, the seller, and the escrow services provider – is beneficial to both sides. After the terms and conditions of the trade have been mutually agreed upon, the buyer transfers the funds to a trustworthy, neutral third party who will hold the funds safely and securely. Once the seller has met all of their contractual duties, the money is released to the seller. A reputable escrow company eliminates any danger for buyers and sellers. They provide security to buyers and sellers, transparency, safe and secure payment assurance, and most importantly, confidence.

Importance of Escrow Payment Security solution for outsourcing IT project

Freelance Escrow Service in IT project

Escrow service for an IT outsourcing project is when a third party holds the payment for your IT project until it is completed and then releases the funds on your behalf. This method ensures the safety of both you and the concerned company to whom the project has been outsourced.

If you don’t use an escrow service, you or the company will be vulnerable to all sorts of project risks. If the company completes the project before sending an invoice, there is a risk of the client accepting the work and then departing without paying. On the other hand, if you want a deposit up ahead, the client will be concerned that you will simply disappear with the money and fail to deliver the work they have paid for.

With an escrow service, the buyer must pay your invoice in full in advance. However, because the funds will be held in an escrow account, a third party will keep the funds until the task is completed. They will only release the payments once the goals outlined in your contract are met. As a result, clients are aware that if they fail to do the work you promised, the money will be repaid, ensuring that they do not lose money.

You also have the assurance that your payment will be made. The money will be released, and the transfer will be much faster once you complete the work according to the agreed-upon timeframes and quality.

Major Benefits of using Escrow Service

The major reason that an escrow service is highly suggested is that it ensures that you will be paid for your work after the project is completed. Many partner agencies, vendors, companies or IT professionals have experienced the dreadful experience of sending an invoice and receiving no response.

They try to stay positive, but as the days pass, weeks pass, and months pass, they have to accept that they will not be paid for the work they have done. It’s aggravating, and it has the potential to wipe out the income. In other cases, the buyer has to compromise with unmet promises with companies failing to deliver quality work or simply running away with the amount of the project in the absence of escrow payment services.

This, in fact, has been one of the pressing problems in the Indian outsourcing industry because of which buyers lose the grip and trust of the Indian companies and vendors.

You won’t have to worry about this if you use an escrow provider. You can see that the client has paid, and you can get started on your work knowing that you will be paid at the end.

This may make life a lot easier and less stressful for any IT professional as well as for the client. After all, the amount of time and costs involved in the development of IT projects like website development and mobile application development is significant.

Agencies, on the other hand, make the investment in the project in the form of time and human resources, and a client running away without the due payment will cost them a fortune. This is where the role of the Escrow services can help both parties secure trust and confidence in each other and hence ensure the completion of the project. 

Additional Escrow Benefits for your business and IT professionals 

There are several additional advantages to employing an escrow service. One of the advantages is that you can be ensured of the quality of the services, and you command better bargaining powers. Companies, on the other hand, may receive their payout much sooner.

Typically, the payment is held in an escrow account until the client marks the assignment as complete, at which point it is transferred to the agency’s account.

If the agency does not comply within a certain time frame, the funds are normally released automatically. Naturally, the terms and limitations vary depending on the escrow service. Nonetheless, it avoids sending email after email to your agency to follow up on the work of your project.

Another advantage of choosing an escrow service for an IT project is that you have an independent third party to assist you in the event of a dispute or difficulty. Because there will be an objective and independent party, you may be sure that a fair conclusion will be reached. 

Using an escrow service might also assist agencies in gaining clients and promoting delivering and promoting their services in a better manner. Agencies can come across as much more professional. Clients are also safeguarded. They understand that they will not be in a situation where their money is taken and no job is delivered. 

Escrow is designed to provide protection and peace of mind to all parties involved, which is why it makes sense. If clients are genuine about using the agency’s services, then they will have no trouble depositing funds into an escrow account. They will be glad to see that their work is getting handled so professionally.

Dispute Resolution System

Internal dispute resolution processes are usually in place when quality escrow services are used. This means that buyers will be able to withhold escrow payments only if they have a legitimate reason. In case of disagreement, your escrow service provider must have a dispute resolution system in place. 

This also emphasises the importance of having a comprehensive contract in place. Your contract will specify the work you have to get performed. 

The financial protections that Escrow services provide can help to alleviate payment-related stress, but there are no 100% replacements for good old-fashioned dispute resolution via open and honest conversation. Such an arbitration process is typically very complex and time-consuming in conventional practices. This can also result in increased delays and project costs. 

The most effective way to avoid disagreements is to undertake a milestone-based payment model. This is exactly what Expand My Business does with its escrow payment security services. We assign you a dedicated project manager to handle and look after the project deliverables on your behalf and get the project delivered by the assigned partner. 

With our milestone-based payment security model, we break the project into different sets of milestones regarding which we seek your prior approval. Only after this is your project commences, and the quality of the deliverables is ensured. Only after the achievement of a defined milestone, your payments are released, and the project proceeds further. 

This allows the project’s progress to be assessed at various stages along the road, and if necessary, changes can be made after mutual consent.

Importance factors to keep in mind before choosing an Escrow company

There are numerous advantages to employing an escrow business as a business owner to ensure that you are delivered on the right values for your project. However, selecting an escrow service should be done with caution and thought. 

However, by making a choice, you can rest assured of getting the most professional IT services. Our experience of working on more than 1000 projects speaks for itself. By choosing to transact and process any range of digital requirements with our platform, you can rescue yourself from considering the important factors for choosing a good escrow payment security service.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you should consider:


There is only one place to start, and that is with the escrow service fees. It is critical to learn how much the escrow service will cost you. After all, you don’t want to utilise a service that would significantly reduce your revenues! You’ll want to look for anything economic. Remember to factor in the total cost. Some escrow companies will charge a processing fee and a service fee, so be sure you know the whole cost when comparing services.

The Escrow payment security services of Expand My Business are completely free of cost, and we do not charge anything from our clients. This holds true not just for escrow payment security services but also for all the other services we offer, like tech consultancy and project management solutions. 

Terms and conditions

When using the service in question, it’s also crucial to learn more about the terms and conditions. For example, how long will you wait if the client does not answer before the money is automatically released? 

You should also learn what occurs if there is a disagreement or dispute. You must ensure that you completely comprehend the service supplied and the terms and conditions in place. After all, each escrow company has its unique set of procedures. You should ensure that the escrow company you choose meets your demands and expectations.

With the assigned delivery managers of our team for your every scope of project requirement, you can simply remain tension free in handling this aspect and leave the needful to us. 


You should also read reviews and feedback posted by others about an escrow company. See what others have said about the service they received. Check out independent review sites to ensure that the remarks left are authentic. The benefit of using the internet today is that it is quite easy to locate reviews made by others, allowing you to read what others have said before making your own decision.

However, no reviews can paint a perfect image in your mind, and there is always some scope for discrepancy. However, with Expand My Business, we have the experience of working on over 1000+ projects and digital requirements we have proved to be one of the most reliable players. 


The support provided by the company in question is the final criterion we recommend evaluating. When you have a question, you want to know that you can obtain the answers you need as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is to choose an Escrow company that responds to your emails or queries as soon as possible. 

Our tech consultants and delivery managers share the accountability and responsibility for ensuring the success of your project. With this, we are available for your support 24/7 to cater for any scope of your requirements. 

Final Words

Expand My Business envisions making the next million businesses digital, and our escrow payment security services play a fundamental role in helping realise our dream. We aspire to make digitisation a convenient and hassle-free experience for your business and take down the set of all the conventional challenges which have been prevalent in the industry. Get in touch with us now to get delivered on your project requirement for a seamless experience of getting delivered!

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