15 Best Email Marketing Practices To Increase Your Lead Generation

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15 Best Email Marketing Practices To Increase Your Lead Generation


Key Takeaways

Gartner forecasts that by 2024, personalized email marketing campaigns will generate 30% more revenue, emphasizing the significance of tailored content in lead generation efforts.

According to Statista, the global email user base is projected to surpass 4.6 billion users by 2024, highlighting the vast potential reach of email marketing for lead generation.

SEMrush data reveals that email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for lead generation, with an average ROI of $42 for every dollar spent, underscoring its importance in digital marketing strategies

Prioritize personalization in email marketing to enhance engagement and conversion rates, leveraging data insights to deliver targeted content tailored to individual preferences.

Continuously analyze email marketing performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to refine strategies and optimize lead generation campaigns for optimal results.

Email marketing is one of the best ways for generating and nurturing leads for your business.  As per a report , the ROI of email marketing on average is $38 against the expenditure worth of $1!

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to keep your business momentum and the flow of your campaigns up and running.  They are crucial in increasing your sales by giving your email list the reasons to stay connected with your business via emails.

However, there are following major risks involved in starting a dedicated email campaign:

Your receivers are not interested in finding your emails and have decided to opt out of the email list.

Your emails are marked as spam by your receiver.

You fail to create a lead nurturing impact through your emails, resulting in failure to make sales.

In order to overcome these risks, it is important that marketers plan out their email marketing strategy well and target the right audience.  Further, they need to consider the best practices of email marketing to do it the right way.  Following these steps will help in getting them assuring results from email marketing initiatives.

1.  Give subscribers the reason to stay tuned

Your email subscribers have a potentially good reason to sign up for your website.  You can leverage their interest to improve your lead generation prospects by giving them the reasons to stay tuned to your emails.  By engaging your recipients positively, you have improved chances of increasing your click rates and thus decreasing the bounce rate for every mail.

By catching your audience’s interest with emails you have sent, your business also has the opportunity of bringing them down to the marketing funnel.

Your mails must have the motivation of helping your audience associate with your business more strongly.  Understanding the expectations of each audience segment can help you in the long way in positioning yourselves as favourites in the eyes of your audience!

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2.  Invest in your email mailing list

Your email mailing list truly is a treasure when it comes to making good use of finding leads for your business. Collate your email mailing list through different exercises and marketing channels.  Give your web visitors the reasons to instantly click on the subscribe button of your website.

Furthermore, segment your email list based on the levels of interest.  Cater to the specific needs of every interest.  Find out the needs and expectations of every segment in the list and engage with them accordingly.  This will help you nurture your leads effectively and derive the maximum value from your email list.

3.  Establish a clear Call to Action

Having clarity of purpose is one of the important traits of a good email copy.  Your call to action message and button must find an influential place in your email copies.  This helps in putting across your message straight with your audience.

This helps in preventing the scope of any relationship gap from existing and thus improve your conversion and engagement rate with your audience.  Attaching an appropriate link to your call to action button can help your audience redirect to your landing page directly.  A reader in this manner can solve an important purpose with the help of your email.

There are different types of CTAs that the marketers can find of use.  Using the right form of CTA for the right needs of your audience can help you ace your email marketing efforts for generating and nurturing your business leads.

4.  A/B test your email copies

Split testing can be one of the important factors behind the success of your email marketing initiatives.  With A/B testing, you create two versions of your email marketing copy.  Furthermore, a sample test is run to find out which of the two copies turn out better in engaging the attention and the attraction of the audience.

There is an immense scope of experimentation with this process where the marketer can split tests into several factors.  Which subject lines to choose, what images are to be used and what must be the tone of the email copy – A/B test helps in finding the important answers to your questions.

This way, it can be ensured that your email copies are found better with your audience, and they respond to it positively.

5.  Personalise with the audience

When writing an email marketing copy, it is crucial to offer the reasons to your reader to resonate with your idea and message.  Giving a touch of personalisation to your email copies can help you build a strong relationship with your audience.

Personalisation helps in humanising your message sent across a very formal channel of email. Further, by finding the pulse of your audience, your email has the chance to stand out from all the other emails across an individual’s inbox.

6.  Send the right message at the right time

Timing is one of the key factors in deciding how your audience perceives your email.  If you send a heavily worded email to your receiver on a Sunday morning explaining the benefits of choosing your product, chances are your email will be ignored.

Finding the right mailing hours for any type of email is crucial in bringing the focus of your reader. The time factor can offer a relative advantage to the users in helping them make informed decisions and create a desirable impact in the minds of the audience.

7.  Focus on providing easy subject lines

Subject lines are the first source of interaction of your email message with your audience.  They must be catchy, precise and solve the important purpose of highlighting the objectives of the mail.

Email subject lines help drive the attitudes of your audience and help them determine whether or not to open an email.  Email subject lines help in saving a lot of time for both the sender and the receivers.  Keeping email subject lines effective also helps in ensuring that your emails are not considered and marked as spam by algorithms as well as the users!

8.  Keep in mind the interests of the mobile users

Mobile internet users occupy an important part of your email list.  As per a report, almost 54% of the users in an email list are mobile phone users.

Ensuring hence that your email templates and formats are suited to the interests of mobile users must be your important priority.  This also has to be kept in mind content-wise.  Keeping the email copies crisp and easy to read is an important foundation for keeping your email content mobile-friendly.

Furthermore, a marketer has to keep in mind other important considerations as well, such as choosing the right template for the email, placing the images rightly, and all others to optimise your email for mobile phone devices.

9.  Attach your social media buttons

Attaching the social media buttons presents an important set of opportunities, especially for your first-time readers. By attaching the social media buttons, you can redirect the engagement on your emails to the social media channels of your business This has a strategic advantage as the engagement achieved this way can be well targeted with your marketing calls.

Plus, by including the share buttons to your email copies and templates, you can widen the scope of reaching the masses by enabling your receivers to share your email across various channels.

10.   Choose attractive templates & make frequent use of visuals

Templates and visuals have a dominant role in determining the value of ‘impact’ that your email copies create. Choosing the right visuals and templates can delight your readers and save them with the burden of reading text-heavy emails.

Visually appealing emails help in conveying and sharing your message with your audience instantly. Visual elements help in highlighting the essential parts of your email copy in a highlighted manner. Hence, this helps improve your engagement rate and boost your lead generation prospects.

11.   Keep your copies short and simple

Simple and easy email copies help in bringing the essence and context of the email in a direct and impactful manner. Simple and short copies are good to read and save a lot of time for your readers.

Keeping your email copies short helps your reader to focus on the most important part of your email – Call to Action.  This has to be kept in mind for all kinds of email marketing campaigns like newsletters. Furthermore, making good use of heading and lists can help your audience connect with the content of your email copy better.

12.   Avoid no-reply sender address to increase the engagement

Your business emails are an important source of opening a two-way communication channel.  Especially with the viewpoint of lead generation, marketers must avoid using the no-reply features in emails to encourage the participants to respond to and connect with the business.

This increases the legitimacy of your email.  Applying the no-reply feature gives the impression that the sender is not open to taking any form of response and reply from the receiver.  This can impact your email marketing performance, especially when the objectives are to boost your business’s lead generation prospects.

13.   Have dedicated campaign plans for holidays

Your email marketing campaigns must have a special focus on greeting your email list with wishes, especially on holidays and festivals. Occasions like Christmas and New Year are important opportunities for every company.  Businesses can offer customised and special offers on these occasions to attract the audience. Further, these occasions are important for the businesses to establish relationships and goodwill with the other businesses and clients.

Emails can be an important channel of communication for this. The use of email marketing software helps the business to send emails to all the receivers in the email list instantly.  Emails hence act as an important channel of communication for delivering formal wishes. For the consumers, businesses can stun their competition by offering them special offers and informing them about this via mail.

14.   Reward your loyal readers

An important way of boosting your relationship with your audience with the help of email marketing is by rewarding your loyal readers. This also helps in nurturing the prospect to convert and become the consumer. Further, by rewarding loyal readers, email marketing presents a significant opportunity of achieving repeat orders.

Businesses can channel the interest of loyal readers by making it lucrative for them to stay tuned to the company’s offerings and emails.  Such incentivisation can be in the form of offering loyalty points for any purchase order to keep the interest of the readers retained.

15.   Measure your email marketing performance and optimise accordingly

One of the important ways of managing your email marketing campaign is to measure its performance on a time-to-time basis. This will help the marketer to take the count of the important aspects like click rate, bounce rate, conversion rate and others.

In this manner, an email marketer can optimise the performance of the email marketing strategy and improve the chances of having a positive relationship with your audience.

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How can I build an effective email list for lead generation?

Offer valuable content or incentives such as discounts or freebies in exchange for email subscriptions, and ensure compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

What role does personalization play in email marketing for lead generation?

Personalization is crucial. Tailor email content based on recipient preferences, behaviors, and demographics to increase engagement and conversion rates.

How often should I send emails to nurture leads without overwhelming them?

Find a balance. Test different frequencies to determine what works best for your audience, but typically aim for consistent, informative, and relevant communication.

Is it essential to optimize emails for mobile devices in lead generation campaigns?

Absolutely. With the majority of emails being opened on mobile devices, optimizing emails for mobile ensures a seamless user experience and maximizes engagement.

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