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Are you thinking on the lines of Email Marketing? And are you unable to figure out what exactly is email marketing?

Or are you wondering why you should exactly engage in it or implement it in your business?

Well to explain it in the simplest of terms, email marketing is just promoting your cause or products and services via emails.

Have you ever received those compelling mails about ‘End of Season Sales’ from enterprises like Amazon, Flipkart, and others?

Yes, well then you have got the point of email marketing! Let’s get to know more.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the activity of sending commercial emails to the customers and viewers who have signed up with you during a purchase or through newsletters to update them about the latest products and services, upcoming business events, discounts, offers, and other information related to your business. Campaign Monitor has revealed that email marketing is much more beneficial than marketing your brand on Twitter and you are 6 times more likely to get a click through the mail sent by you than through your marketing tweets!

It is one of the biggest digital marketing channels and the most widely used forms of marketing for promoting the products and services of a business. It plays an essential role in brand awareness, increasing traffic on online stores, sales and revenue, customer acquisition and retention, lead generation, and other essential aspects of a business.

Disruptive Advertising claimed in a recently released report that adding social sharing buttons in your mails can increase the CTR of your business by as much as 158%. Read below to discover 6 reasons why email marketing is important for your business and how it helps in the overall growth of your business.

6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Business

1.    Improved Brand Recognition

Email marketing can help you consistently provide valuable information to your customers and such type of content can help you build your brand and improve the brand recognition by branding your mails. Providing useful insights and information can get your email subscribers to anticipate your mails and get familiar with your brand.

Besides, you can collect customer feedback about your products, services, informational content you are sharing with them, and in general the performance of your employees. This can prove to be extremely beneficial in understanding your performance and make necessary changes in your strategies and activities to improve the brand awareness and reach in the future. Campaign Monitor in one of their recently published reports claimed that segmenting email marketing campaigns can increase your revenue by 760%.

2.    Magnified Sales

Statistical records prove that emails have often led customers to the brand’s website and they have made purchases as well! Therefore, email marketing can help you magnify your sales and increase your customer base. Email marketing is beneficial not just for you but your customers as well. You get to promote your services and products to your email subscribers and at the same time they get to shop with you with the comfort of using any devices to access your mails and at any time.

SaleCycle revealed that about 56% of consumers have admitted that the emails sent by the brands they follow and support tend to influence their purchase decisions. However, promotions are not the only thing you can do with emails to magnify your sales. You can retarget and remarket with your customer base while you also up sell your products with them. You can increase your business’s referrals as well as sell your prospects.

3.    Exhibits Authority

If you are ever wondering if your customers are still interested in being contacted by your brand, think about why exactly they signed up with your brand or with your newsletter in the first place. It is of course because they appreciate hearing from you and appreciate the content you share with them. You must therefore, continue to share relevant content and information with your customers through email newsletters and links to your blogs, and other such content.

This can help you exhibit your authority in the industry and emerge as a strong player in the market as your customers and your audience views you as an expert in your field. Content Marketing Institute has revealed that email newsletter is the most widely used category of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketing firms. Leveraging your content in your email marketing practices and other forms of marketing can help you increase the number of email subscribers to your brand and improve your position among your competitors.

4.    Increased Website Traffic

Email marketing is one of the best ways of increasing the traffic on your website. Besides, it is really simple to do as well! All you have to do is add relevant links from your websites to the newsletters and other content that you share with your customers and subscribers via mail. If you do not want to appear so obvious, you can always hyperlink the content in your mails.

Other tha discounts, offers and information related to the products and services, you can also add links to different contests and giveaways and divert the traffic to your website. Elevently has revealed that about 42.3% of American customers tend to subscribe to email lists to receive regular discounts. Furthermore, you can add relevant links to your blog posts and increase the traffic on your online store. Try and add blog links that are related to the recent activities and interaction of the customer with your business.

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5.    Building Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

With email marketing, you can always stay connected with your customers and offer them your services directly by providing them essential information right in their inbox. This can strengthen your relationship with the customers and portray you in a more loyal and customer-centric light. This can eventually lead to long-lasting and strong customer relationships. A study conducted by Chief Marketer has revealed that the ROI on emails was 28.5% as compared to direct mails that generated an ROI of just 7%.

Furthermore, it can enhance customer retention for your business as well. Email marketing can be employed as retargeting and if you stay connected with your customers on a consistent basis by sending mails on their birthdays, giving those discounts and offers or information that can benefit them in any way; you build a customer base that trusts you. Such customers will always reach out to you first when in need of your services.

6.    Reach Potential Leads On Multiple Devices

One of the greatest benefits of and reason why you should carry out email marketing in your business is the ability to reach people on multiple devices. While statistical data shows that the majority of emails are opened on mobile devices, some users still use other devices like tablets, laptops, desktops to access their email.

Litmus has revealed that 41.9% of all opened emails are through mobile devices. With email marketing, you can reach out to a multitude of users and continually grow your firm’s popularity by capturing their attention as your mail notification pops up on their mobile screens. The benefit is that you get to interact and reach out to your audience at any time and anywhere.

Email marketing has several benefits and the long list does not end here. With the innumerable advantages it has for your brand, email marketing has become one of the most essential marketing strategies in every business. If you still haven’t started with email marketing, now is the time you prepare that email list and get going with it!

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