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how does email automation software work
Discussed in the blog are some of the important concepts about email automation and how can it be beneficial for a business.


Email Automation is the process of sending emails to multiple users without any manual intervention. Automation is a technique that will knock out the dependency on manual work. Automation helps to streamline the process of handling the monotonous task items on a specific domain. This automation is happening in reality to a large extent in the software domain because it has become easier to automate the software operations with a lot of external tools. 

Automation, in general, has been a novel concept for businesses finding out the ways to improve the effectiveness of their organisation. Sending out emails can be a time wrenching and tedious exercise. This can impact the morale and productivity of your employees at the workplace. A lot of email automation tools are available in the market with different models of pricing. These tools are available even for mobile-based applications.

Discussed in the blogs are some of the advantages of using these tools for your business:

Difficulty in managing emails

Email management is a task that needs certain prioritised attention because day in and day out, there will be a lot of emails pertaining to a business organisation. Email consolidation and segregation according to the categories are important for businesses to understand emails in a quick way. 

Email Automation would happen via various third-party tools. The tools can be installed as an individual application on each of the desktop machines. They can also be made available as software hosted on a server that will have the capability to monitor the mail servers. Once the email is received in the mail server (even before even the email reaches the inbox) of a particular user in the organisation, the tool can start doing the automated job of understanding the context of emails. Based on this, it can categorise the email and add it to the relevant folders. 

Scenarios of Email Automation

Email automation can focus on two different scenarios for automating the tasks. One scenario is to gather the information from the emails that were received by the business unit. Another category is to automate the task of sending emails to the end customers. If both the scenario of handling emails is automated, then the large portion of human work would get reduced, and at the same time, the organisation can see a certain ROI established out of using this software.

Email automation is very much required in the case of marketing. Basically, in a new business launch, or in the case of small business units or startups, it Is essential that every customer, at least in a specific geographic location, should have an understanding of the business units. Sending out emails with manual effort and also at regular frequency would be a tough job. Also, the email jobs should be run at a specific time period because the time that it reaches the user’s inbox is also an important criterion to ensure that the user reads the email effectively.

Response to the email

After reading the email, the user should be able to act on the email. The email software will help to format the email effectively so that the Business unit need not struggle hard to get the formatting done. The software does not stop with one single option. Today’s automation software provides a variety of options like drag and drops features to allow the business unit to pick the right set of controls on to their email. Hence the business unit can decide on the design of the template for the emails that are intended to reach the customer. The email cannot be effective if the content is just going to have only certain information. The email should be able to attract the users with an option to make the customer click on the business website or try to download the business app. 

Email Templates

The email design is a very important aspect of marketing as it will have the capability to attract customers. The customers would be able to rate the business during these genuine customers from the business executives. The emails can be classified and sent from various business DLs starting from the marketing team, and then the CEO of the organisation can circulate details to their esteemed customers. These emails will help in building trust and relationships with the end customers.

The emails, when automated, will help a lot in marketing. The email software tools can help the business to launch certain campaigns and can distribute the details of the campaign to a large set of users. These tools might also come up with the option of email addresses that can generally be pulled from the service providers. The tool might have that information that will help the business to reach customers in a short time period. 

Market the product with offers and discounts via email

If the business needs to market its products at a discounted price, then sending out bulk emails at one shot overnight to the end-users would be the best choice. Generally, it will be difficult for the business to reach the end-users in a short period. Discount options will have to be provided only for a short period. These emails will help the business to retain the discounts to a limit of 2 to 3 days. 

Similar to discounts, it is also important to communicate the offer details. Beyond the discounted price categories like Combo offers, buy one get two offers will attract customers, and it is a good strategy of marketing. This kind of marketing can be done with the help of emails.

We discussed a lot about the marketing process by sending emails. It is also important to consider the inbound emails received by the business organisation. There could be a lot of emails that can flow in from the existing customers. These emails will generally be attended by the internal teams of the organisation. It will become important to categorise those emails at a faster pace.

Inbound Emails

Whenever an organisation receives an email, it is vital to respond back to that email as the earliest. At least a basic acknowledgement will have to be sent to the sender. The acknowledgement cannot be a generic one. The reply emails will have to be framed in a way that should first understand the tone of the customer. Also, the email content should be analysed before framing the reply. All these analyses on emails can be done via automation software.

The automation software comes with predictive modelling, which is a machine learning-based technique. Based on the predictive analysis, the tool can understand the sentiment of the email content. If the software can provide details like positive or the negative sentiment, then the reply can be formatted according to the details

Email Automation for Customer care operations

The customer care process is important for a business, and this is also one way of marketing. If the customer care for a product is intact and is able to provide a good service to the customers, then the marketing job will become much easier. The marketing team can provide insights into the product by placing the support and maintenance activities in an easy and effective way.

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Thus, email marketing software comes with a variety of options and with various pricing bands starting from $9 per month. The software also gives various customisation options to build the email. Also, the software provides different options to design the email template with varied controls to be introduced within the template.

This software can help to send regular newsletters to the end customers. The software can also maintain track of emails sent to the customer so far. It can also provide analytic insights into how many emails were sent daily and how many customers were able to click on the emails and access the website.

Final Words

Getting the support of email marketing software might just not be the end of the story! Email marketing is not all about sending and receiving automated emails. For your email marketing campaigns to be well sorted, it is very important that you create the right email marketing strategy. Furthermore, one of the important tasks to undertake is the need to create the right email marketing lists. All this cannot be achieved with the simple application of email marketing software and application programs. 

It is very necessary to have professional guidance for creating your email marketing strategies and implementing the best practices of email marketing. But getting a dedicated in-house team for this can be an expensive task. Expand My Business can help you resolve this issue by offering professional solutions of email marketing with the best players in the industry at a very affordable cost. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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