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Below, we have rounded up some important E-commerce marketplace features that should be considered for an e-commerce website.


Who doesn’t want a flourishing online marketplace? I am pretty sure a lot of people do. But, there are a few things they miss out on, which don’t give them the desired result! And the most crucial is: Finding an e-commerce Marketplace agency that suits their needs, understands their pain points, and works for them in a manner that gets them results!

Finding an e-commerce marketplace development agency that is the right fit for you is a troublesome job. That’s why we are here to make this process a little easier for you. Let’s start with the basics.

Types of e-commerce business models:

When it comes to business models, there are a lot of types. Below mentioned are some of the most general business models. Your business model could be any one of the below-mentioned ones. It is advisable to work with an e-commerce development agency that best caters to your business model. Discussing the business models in brief:

Business to Consumer:

This is the most common model. In this model, consumers get their products/services directly from the business. An example could be getting a bag of chips from a departmental store. Here, the business, i.e., the departmental store, is directly giving you (the consumer) the products.

Business to Business:

In this model, two businesses are involved. Here, one business sells its products/services to another business, which, in turn, sells it to the final consumer. An example of this could be: One business selling its products to a wholesaler and the wholesaler selling it to the final consumer.

Consumer to Consumer:

This model allows two consumers to connect through a website to buy or sell their goods/services. The website may or may not charge the consumers. Olx is one of the best examples of this type of model.

Consumer to Business:

In this model, the consumer sells their services to the business. An appropriate example of this could be influencers, as they have a large number of followers and can use a company’s product and share their reviews about it, through which more people will come to know about the company’s product.

Why is it essential to find the right agency?

Think of it this way; you are just one good agency further away from your dream e-commerce website coming to reality! There are many reasons to find the right agency, but the most important reason is that your business can reach its highest potential. The right agency can help you bring the vision that you have of your website to life.

Better Global Reach:

Nowadays, anything that we need is just a click away. Therefore, if your e-commerce website isn’t appealing enough, your target audience won’t think twice before moving on to the next website that sells the same thing but has a much better interface than you. Therefore, it is essential to keep your website appealing and user-friendly. Your website needs a competitive edge, and finding the right development agency will do that for you.

Bring Amazing Results to the Table:

Finding the right agency for yourself is a complete game changer. They can do wonders for your website and have the capacity to transform a dormant website into a flourishing one with the help of appropriate tools and features. They will always bring great results to the table. A well-maintained e-commerce website will surely get more traffic to your website, thereby getting you more sales conversion!

A Team of Professionals:

Before choosing an agency, one must ensure that it has a set of professionals doing the job. Each professional will focus on doing things they are an expert at!

Creating Tailor-Made Experiences:

Your e-commerce website gets a competitive edge over the other websites. The agency can tailor-make your website according to your needs and choices so that your website can best cater to your target audience. So that the website looks much more presentable and is easy to use and navigate. Do not lose your potential customers just because of an unpresentable website.

Keeping up with New Features and Updates:

Having an agency by your side will make owning a website much more effortless. Adding new features to the website can be a troublesome job, but an agency will know how to add new features to the website and implement them successfully, thereby saving you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

New Integrations:

When adding new integrations to the website, a development agency will always have more knowledge than any of us. Therefore, it is better to leave the job with the experts. Because if the integration job isn’t done right, it may end up being irreparable.

Quality Assurance:

This is the best part about hiring a development agency for your website. Quality Assurance takes all the load off your shoulders. Because among the services that they provide, this is one of them.

Factors to consider before choosing an e-commerce marketplace development agency:

1. You and your e-commerce agency must be on the same page about your business goals:

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You must have some goals in your mind regarding your business, you need to communicate them to your agency, and they need to understand them and implement everything accordingly. You and your agency must have the same goal that you work towards. They need to know what you want, how you want, who are your target audience, and so on.

2. Is your potential agency a newbie or an expert?

Do not fall for fake promises; you need to know what that agency brings to the table. You need to consider how many people they have worked with previously as well as the results they have obtained for them. Along with that, know what deliverables they are promising and what years of experience they have. There’s no hard and fast rule that you need to work with an expert agency; it could be a new agency, too, and the only thing that matters is the results they bring for you.

3. Know the number of clients they have retained, their work, and samples:

Before finalising a development agency for your business, ask them how many old clients they have retained to date. That’s one way to know if you should move forward with that particular agency or not. Also, look at their past work samples.

4. You and your agency need to be in a partnership:

When your development agency looks at your project from a partner’s eyes and not just any other project that it has to work on, that is when it will do the work with much more dedication and sincerity. Both of you need to be partners in this.

5. How do they work?

This is one of the most important things to consider, their working style, the process they follow, and the process they will follow when working for your website. It will be great to ask them for a blueprint of how things would go. Also, make sure to talk to a few potential development agencies before choosing one because that’s how you can compare their process, results, and way of working and suit what’s best for you.

6. Discussing the budget:

Discussing your budget with the agency is something you should do mindfully. They will be developing your website, giving a new life to it, and doing everything from designing to taking care of the UI/UX. But that doesn’t mean they can charge you crazy amounts of money. Tell them your budget, negotiate with them, and choose the agency that fits your expectations and budget well! Make sure to discuss the total cost of ownership (TOC) with the agency so there’s no problem afterwards.

Final Checklist:

  • Make sure that your development agency understands your business goals.
  • Make sure they are ready to give their best at your budget.
  • Know your agency’s years of experience, i.e., if it’s a newbie or an expert.
  • Make sure to look at their website, samples, results, case studies, and testimonials.
  • The turn-around-time, i.e., how much time will they take on your project?
  • How many skilled people does the agency have, and how many of them will work on your project?
  • Please work with the agency that helps you set realistic goals that are achievable and works towards them.
  • Be in a partnership with your development agency so that you work towards the same goal.

How to find the agency for you?

Here are some quick points to keep in mind when finding an agency:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask about their past working experiences. It will help you know if they are a right fit for your business.
  • Make sure you are fine with their process because you will be associated with them for quite some time. You must have enough confidence that their way of working will work for your business.
  • A responsible agency will provide you with a framework of how they plan to do things. They will keep you updated on every step they take so that you always know what’s happening. Make sure to meet all the essential members of the team, such as the project manager, lead developer, and designer.
  • Make sure you invest all the hours you want in deciding between your potential development agencies because they will play a significant role in your project. Therefore, your values must match.

Final Words

At last, partnering with an appropriate e-commerce development agency will bring your dream e-commerce project to reality! But finding an e-commerce development agency that just works for your business can be quite overwhelming.

This is where the services of Expand My Business will come in handy to you. Expand My Business is your one-stop destination for finding an e-commerce development company. On our platform, you get all the services in one place. We find partner agencies for you that provide you with excellent website development services.

We have a pool of over 2000+ verified partner agencies and companies who will offer just the solutions your business needs. Our consultants will contact you once you fill out our lead form and understand your business and the scope of the project. With this, they will align your call with the best three agencies who are suited to work on your project after considering the factors like budget and matching industry experience. A delivery manager is then allotted for your project who is responsible for managing your project and handling its end-to-end success. Contact us to get started today!

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