Top E-Commerce Development Companies in India

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Top E-commerce Development Companies in India

1. AppInventiv

  • Appinventiv, an acclaimed mobile app development company, has marked its presence in the digital transformation landscape. 
  • With a team of over 1500 tech enthusiasts, they’ve been pivotal in shaping the digital infrastructure for their clients, positioning them as leaders in various industries. 
  • Their portfolio showcases a variety of services ranging from mobile app development, and digital transformation, to software development, catering to diverse industries like healthcare, finance, eCommerce, and more. 
  • They have been recognized for their innovative solutions, contributing to the digital success of major global brands. 
  • Appinventiv’s commitment to technology-driven change and customer-centric solutions has earned them accolades and a reputation as a frontrunner in the mobile app development domain.

2. Mobisoft Infotech

  • Mobisoft Infotech specializes in digital product engineering, offering bespoke solutions in areas like digital commerce and mobile technology. 
  • They have a significant presence in retail and eCommerce, with projects that include creating hyperlocal commerce platforms and optimizing last-mile delivery operations.
  • Their expertise extends to mobile, cloud, web, and emerging technologies like AI and IoT. 
  • A key aspect of their service is their approach to digital transformation, where they help businesses integrate advanced technology into their operations, enhancing customer experiences and streamlining processes. 
  • Mobisoft’s ability to tailor solutions to specific industry needs, combined with its extensive technological expertise, positions it as a significant player in the digital product development landscape.

3. Orange Mantra

  • Orange Mantra is an established digital transformation company that leverages next-gen technologies to drive significant growth and success for businesses. 
  • They have excelled in providing transformative tech solutions across various domains, including eCommerce, IoT, enterprise digital transformation, and product engineering.
  • Their portfolio showcases success stories in industries such as automotive, retail, manufacturing, media & entertainment, and healthcare, highlighting their versatility and capability to handle diverse client needs. 
  • A key feature of Orange Mantra’s service is its focus on innovation and agility, which is evident in its approach to enterprise software solutions, IoT integration, and omnichannel commerce solutions. 
  • This innovative mindset, combined with over two decades of experience and a strong client-centric approach, positions them as a leading digital transformation partner in various industries.

4. Magento IT Solutions

  • Magento IT Solutions specializes in leveraging Magento, a robust eCommerce platform, to create comprehensive solutions for online businesses. 
  • They focus on both B2C and B2B digital commerce, offering customized services in areas such as multi-vendor marketplaces, composable commerce, and mobile commerce. 
  • Their expertise extends to various industries including jewellery, automotive, fashion, electronics, and health and beauty. 
  • With a global team and a portfolio of over 250 stores launched, Magento IT Solutions has empowered businesses with over $8 billion in revenue. 
  • Their commitment to pushing technology and the boundaries of conventional commerce makes them a notable player in the digital commerce transformation landscape.

5. Value Coders

  • ValueCoders is an Indian software engineering company known for its outsourced software development and engineering services. 
  • With over 19 years of experience, they cater to a global clientele including startups and Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Their expertise spans across various sectors with services like software product engineering, dedicated software teams, application development, QA & testing, eCommerce, data engineering, cloud services, and AI & ML solutions. 
  • They are distinguished by their team of skilled developers and commitment to delivering robust, scalable, and reliable software solutions.

6. OpenXcell

  • OpenXcell is renowned for its comprehensive software development services. The company specializes in mobile application development, creating highly functional and intuitive apps tailored to various business needs.
  •  They have a robust product engineering team that excels in innovation, design, development, testing, and deployment. Additionally, OpenXcell provides exceptional UX/UI design services to enhance user interaction and experience. 
  • Their services extend to web development, ensuring feature-rich and digitally transformative web products. OpenXcell also offers QA & Testing services to ensure high-quality products and integrates cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain into their solutions.

7. Digital Silk

  • Digital Silk is known as a full-service digital agency specializing in creating superior digital experiences to help grow brands online. 
  • They are reputed for their expertise in custom web design, digital marketing, and brand strategy. 
  • Digital Silk typically works with a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, providing tailored solutions to meet diverse digital needs.
  •  Their focus on driving higher conversions and enhancing SEO value for their client’s online presence is a key aspect of their services. 

8. Brainvire

  • Brainvire Infotech is a digital transformation agency providing a range of services including eCommerce development, mobile application development, enterprise services, Microsoft solutions, cloud services, and digital marketing. 
  • They specialize in developing tailored digital solutions to enhance customer experiences, collaborating with over 200 globally recognized brands. Brainvire offers comprehensive solutions in various industries such as retail, healthcare, real estate, education, finance, automotive, and media & entertainment. 
  • Their expertise in integrating advanced technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain into their solutions positions them as a leader in digital innovation.

9. Angular Minds

  • Angular Minds is a prominent eCommerce development company known for its expertise in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions. 
  • They excel in crafting innovative eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, and web applications that drive business growth. Angular Minds has an impressive portfolio of successful projects, including eCommerce websites with robust features, intuitive user interfaces, and seamless payment integration.
  •  Their unique selling points lie in their commitment to delivering customer-centric solutions, ensuring scalability, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
  •  With a focus on innovation, Angular Minds continues to empower businesses in the eCommerce landscape.

10. Verve Logic

  • VerveLogic builds online stores and apps for everyone, from clothes shops to travel deals, hospitals to schools, and even tech startups! They know their stuff in all kinds of businesses.
  • VerveLogic weaves e-commerce success for businesses of all sizes, crafting captivating websites and user-friendly apps, and then launching them into the online marketplace with tailored digital marketing. 
  • Their global reach and local touch ensure solutions resonate across industries, from fashion boutiques to travel platforms.

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