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10 Ways In Which Social Media Marketing Drive Traffic To Your Website


Key Takeaways

In 2020, Google AdSense generated over $23.68 billion in ad revenue for publishers worldwide. (Source: Statista)

Approximately 38.3% of all websites on the internet use Google AdSense to monetize their content.

Diversify Your Content: Creating a variety of high-quality content can attract a larger audience and boost your AdSense earnings.

Optimize Ad Placement: Strategic ad placement, like placing ads near high-traffic areas, can increase click-through rates and revenue.

You know you’re a true marketer if all you want to do is generate all traffic, including social media traffic to your website. Anyone can create a website, even maintain it, but compelling people to visit your page is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires adequate knowledge and expertise in the digital domain. It can be tricky to make people land on your page and impel them to re-visit and consume your content, but if you’re a professional social media strategist, you must be knowing that how Social media marketing can change the game in driving traffic to your website. 

Social media and traffic go hand in hand. It is the home to more than 3.4 billion active users who are genuinely interested in consuming your content. It is the primary source of getting traffic and leads which can be a fruitful way of deriving customers. It comes with ample opportunities for your brand to convert a viewer into a customer just by generating visitors.

It is advised for brands to have a social media account at the earliest or rather at the beginning of their business because the longer the digital presence, the higher the traffic. It helps you build relationships with your audience and make them retained. While some are really on a winning streak using the perks of social media marketing, some are still there who are not well aware of it. 

Apart from multiple other benefits, it gives you the virtue to have customers and leads knocking on your website. But, how can it be done? Well, there are some techniques to use social media marketing as a tool for increase traffic to your website. Let’s get into it!

1. What is Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms for promoting a product or service. This involves sharing content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase brand awareness, engage customers and drive traffic to websites.

You can use social media marketing to create and share posts, run paid ads, create videos, conduct contests on social media, and interact with customers via comments and messages. Social media marketing aims to build relationships with customers, increase brand awareness and drive conversions.

Businesses of any size should consider social media marketing as an integral part of their overall digital marketing strategy. It allows businesses to reach a wider audience and engage with customers to build brand loyalty. It allows businesses to collect customer feedback and improve their customer experience.

Social media marketing is, in short, the use of social media platforms to promote products or services, increase brand awareness, engage customers and drive traffic to websites. This is an essential component of digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to reach a larger audience and increase customer engagement.

2. Why To Drive Social Media Traffic?

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2.1. Increases brand awareness:

Businesses have a great opportunity to reach large audiences and increase brand awareness through social media. Businesses can share content on social media platforms to increase their visibility and reach new customers. Businesses can establish themselves as industry experts and thought leaders by posting valuable and engaging content consistently. This will help build trust and brand credibility.

2.2. Improved customer engagement:

Businesses can engage with customers via social media in real time. Businesses can respond to customers’ comments and messages and build trust with them, resolve their problems, and offer better customer service. Businesses can foster brand loyalty by engaging on social media and building a loyal following who can become ambassadors for the brand.

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2.3. Increase website traffic:

A business’s website can be accessed via social media. Businesses can share links to their websites on social media platforms in order to attract customers interested in their products and services. Businesses can also share articles and blog posts on social media to drive traffic to their site and improve their search engine rankings.

2.4. Sales and revenue increases:

Businesses can increase their sales and revenue through social media marketing. Businesses can increase brand loyalty, encourage repeat sales, and attract new customers by reaching a wider audience. Businesses also have the option of running paid ads on social media platforms. These ads can be targeted at specific audiences and increase conversions.

2.5. Cost-effective marketing:

Businesses can reach their target audience with social media marketing. It is cost-effective and affordable. Social media platforms often offer free marketing tools. Paid advertising is often cheaper than traditional advertising. Small businesses with limited budgets will find social media a great way to reach a larger audience.

2.6. Improved customer insights:

Businesses can gain valuable insights from customers through social media. Businesses can monitor social media activity to gain valuable insights into customers’ preferences and behaviour. This can be used to improve their products and services. Social media analytics tools can be used by businesses to monitor engagement and measure success in their marketing campaigns. This will allow them to improve their strategy and increase their effectiveness.

3. 15 Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic to Your Website

3.1. Optimise your social media account

image 213

Creating an account is one thing but maintaining it is another. Certain things are required to optimise your social media account to the fullest in order to attract more followers. Your profile is the first impression that a viewer will be having and it may last in his head for the longest time. Make sure to fill in every detail of your brand in your biographies because the audience will be reading them.

Your profile speaks for your brand so it is your job to make it worth it. Put an attractive display that resonates with your brand, preferably your brand’s logo, add catchy bios, and attach all the relevant links to your websites in the biographies. Therefore, make your account eye-catching because it is one of the strong assets of your brand. 

3.2. Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience-Social Media Marketing

If you’re on social media, you’ve to be social! 

It helps to connect with your target audience, interact with them, and have genuine feedback. You can engage with them by replying to their comments and re-sharing their messages. The audience loves to engage with brands who share witty messages and posts.

Zomato is one such brand that follows this tactic by posting quirky memes and messages. It is to be noted that social media is not a one-way strategy and reciprocation from your audience is actively required. Consistent engagement is a positive sign and it can definitely boost your website and account traffic.

3.3. Authenticity and consistency

image 214

Who wouldn’t love to watch content which is unique and authentic? Authenticity and consistency are a perfect blend that you will be needing for generating traffic to your account. One of the biggest reasons for people not retaining your profile can be boring content. It becomes your job to be authentic, real yet interesting for them while uploading content.

Many social media strategists put in so much time to produce quality content that it takes a lot of time to post again. You must ensure that your page is active by consistently posting content in the form of visuals, videos, and stories to keep the viewer’s interest intact.

3.4. Invest in high-quality content

image 215

Share high-quality content, such as blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos, on your social media channels. Ensure that your content is informative, entertaining, and relevant to your target audience. This will encourage your followers to click through to your website to learn more.

3.5. Share visual content

Share visual content-Social Media Marketing

Have you known the theory- “Anything which we see through our eyes is more attractive to us”? This theory stands true in this case as well. Gone are the days when people used to share ordinary content. It’s the era of visual content and one should share images, diagrams, videos, charts, and memes in order to make it likeable.

The audience relates to visual content more and thus, it can bring you more likes, comments, and subscribers than any other mode of content. Put vibrant colours, make it quirky and witty, put well-designed layouts, and do everything you can to make it captivating. Your visuals should be unique to get unnoticed.

3.6. Research your competitors

image 216

It is best to know your enemies before stepping on the battlefield. It is advised to research your competitors because it is a tried and true marketing strategy. You can leverage various social media tools to get an insight into how well your competitors are doing and will chalk out their key performance metrics. Social media is vast and huge.

So, before getting into the game, learn the tactics and measures used by your competitors. Try to analyse the type of content they publish, the number of successful posts they publish in a day, their strategies to engage traffic, and more. This will help you create your path in the long run. 

3.7. Collaborating with influencers

Collaborating with influencers

Influencer Marketing is the most common way to drive traffic and gain customers. Influencers have a loyal fanbase on various social media accounts and they are often called “Online celebrities.” Their fans and followers are more than some of the biggest celebrities in the country.

The impact of the followers on the influencers is worth commendable and speaks volumes about their relationship. It is fruitful to invest in influencer marketing to gain some genuine customers. The task is finding the right influencer under a budget to boost your sales and then pitching the deal to them. 

3.8. Sponsored posts

image 217

These are the paid posts that reach out to your target audience real quick as compared to ordinary posts.

Use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create targeted ads that reach your ideal audience. Make sure your ad copy and visuals are compelling and include a clear call to action.

Sponsored posts are of great help when you want to make your content reach millions of people. The best part about these posts is you don’t have to spend thousands because you get to choose it under a budget. It is one of the most popular ways to drive people to your website, making them re-visit, and turning them into your customer. 

3.9. Adding social media sharing buttons to your website

image 71

Add social media sharing buttons to your website to make it easy for visitors to share your content on their social media channels. This can help to increase the visibility of your content over social media. People can then click on these links to redirect to your website.

3.10. Participate in active groups

image 218

Suppose you’re a fashion clothing brand and your target audience is models, influencers, and youth. Now, try to be a part of such a group that comprises these three categories. Being a part of such groups makes them aware of your brand and provides recognisation to it. It is one of the most effective ways of generating leads by participating in such groups.

Interact with them, pitch your offerings, and make the deal! You can find these groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other platforms. Such groups introduce you to a fresh lot of audience which might help you close the deal but primarily can bring traffic to your website.

3.11. Host social media contests and giveaways

image 72

Hosting social media contests and giveaways is a great way to increase engagement on your social media channels and drive more traffic to your website. Ask your followers to share your content or visit your website to participate in the contest.

Using social media to promote special offers and discounts: Use social media to promote special offers and discounts on your products or services. This can encourage your followers to visit your

image 219

Promote your social media account as much as you can. One of the great ways of promoting your account is to add referral links to your accounts on the website or in the articles. Make sure to add these links in your account’s biographies as well because visitors tend to click on these links which will directly make them land on your page. Adding links can be a resourceful way for people to come to your page and explore it. 

3.13. Review and measure

image 220

You cannot just put in the effort and not review it. It is important to analyse whether the efforts you’re putting in are bearing the result or not. There are social media tools that help in measuring the results like your monthly traffic, number of visits to the website, number of subscribers, and much more. These findings can help you check where and why you’re lacking and what can be the improved step. It will nullify the errors and make you stand in a better place in the digital market. 

image 73

Making use of relevant and popular hashtags is one of the other important ways through which you can drive traffic to your website using social media. By including hashtags in your social media posts, you can improve the reach of your posts with the relevant audience who have particular interests.

By hence leaving your website link on your social media posts, you improve its chances of getting visibility and traction and thus drive traffic to your website.

15. Run a retargeting campaign on driving social media traffic

image 221

Retargeting campaigns are all about targeting the audience who have already shown some interest in your brand or service offerings. You can run retargeting campaigns through social media ads for the users who have already visited your website or social media channels. Through this, you can drive traffic to your website and furthermore draw conversion for your brand.

4. Conclusion 

Social media is a saviour we all need in times of digitalisation. It not only helps us make money but allows us to expand our niche and genre which is easier to do it here as compared to a brick-and-mortar store. Social media marketing is a proven way of generating traffic that converts into customers and helps you make them retained. It is on the brand how well it uses its perks of it and derives benefits from it.


How does social media drive traffic?

Social media can drive traffic to websites through various means, including sharing links to website content, using social media advertising to target specific audiences, and engaging with followers through comments and direct messages to encourage website visits. Social media can also improve search engine rankings, which can lead to increased website traffic.

What social media drives the best traffic?

The social media platform that drives the best traffic can vary depending on the business, target audience, and type of content being promoted. However, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are commonly used to drive website traffic.

What is an example of social media traffic?

An example of social media traffic is when a business posts a link to a blog post on Twitter, and users click on the link to read the post on the company’s website. Another example is when a business runs a social media advertising campaign on Facebook, targeting users who are likely to be interested in their products or services, and driving those users to the company’s website to make a purchase or take another desired action.

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