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The global language services industry has seen significant growth, reaching a market size of approximately $61.2 billion by the end of 2022.

In the United States alone, the translation and interpretation services industry generated an estimated $8 billion in revenue as of 2024.

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Picture this: A female athlete, with a sledgehammer in hand, running out of the tunnel as a Big Brother lookalike narrates a speech in the background. You can see some cops chasing after her. And just as the speaker’s diatribe concludes with the words “we shall prevail,” she stops in the middle of the room, swings her hammer three times, and hurls it at the screen while screaming. 

The screen is destroyed with a bright flash and bang, and the stunned audience is engulfed in white light. Then, while the ominous wind and unsettling music continue, a voiceover declares: “On January 24th, Apple computers will introduce Macintosh, and you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.”

This was one of the most legendary video ads that Apple made while they were the underdogs and IBM was the Big Brother. In those days, it was relevant, relatable, and up-to-date with the market trend, so much so that it won numerous awards. It helped the brand gain recognition and marketed Macintosh to newer levels, not just giving recognition to the product but to the brand itself.

Why should you invest in videography services?

Making video films is the discipline of videography in itself. As a component of marketing strategy, it is flourishing in many arenas. Videos can act as an added advantage and provide your company with a face or a voice value in the following ways. 

1. Outsourced Expert Knowledge

Including professional-quality videos in your marketing plan will benefit your company. Access to video professionals is one of the benefits of seeking videography services. A videographer has the tools and know-how necessary to efficiently script, shoot, edit, create, and distribute your video in a way that supports and fits with your marketing objectives.

2. Training and Development

Businesses employ videographers not only to promote their goods but also to record videos to use internally. These videos cover business events and include company introduction, product marketing, educational, and recruitment videos. Because a business will always need videos, videographers can establish lasting connections with their clients and secure work over a long period of time. In order to improve performance, these videos should ideally be directed at a company’s stakeholders. A talented videographer will understand how to engage all types of audiences and will thus produce the ideal videos for your company’s requirements.

3. Grab Customer Attention (and let them market for you)

Engaging commercials are the most common approach for a business to interact with its clients and boost sales. Customers choose one brand over another for this reason because a single advertisement can alter their entire perception of the product. In addition to being adaptable and interesting, video ads are also simple to share, allowing them to reach a larger audience than intended. In order to create brief commercials that hold viewers’ attention and entertain them, videographers have adapted to the technological environment, which might do wonders for your business.

4. Cut costs

Video production involves various stages, and different stakeholders might be needed for every stage. For example, the script of the video will be written by writers while the videographer will be involved in the actual shooting. Not every business might have the resources to hire an entire in-house team, this is where outsourcing videography services might cut down costs for your company.

5. Effective testimonials

In the age of YouTube, written reviews lack the force and conviction that a video testimonial would have. The hard effort you put in won’t help your business much if you don’t have clients who can attest to the quality of your job, despite what business books may state. To spread the word to potential clients, businesses have hired experienced videographers to record testimonials. On parallel lines, a famous YouTuber’s review would also serve as a modern-age testimonial, a tactic companies use to convert potential customers to clients.  

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Different types of videography services?

For projects and events, videography entails capturing and editing videos to make them memorable. Unlike textual or pictorial information, videography has the capability to hold viewers’ attention over extended periods of time. This is why videos have advanced significantly over time and has since branched into various types of videography services for distinct businesses:

1. Forming Brand Image

Brand documentation aids in crafting the ideal story for a company. Videos aid in communicating the vision. These videos painstakingly tell the brand’s story while also giving them depth by recording all the significant social events, including launch ceremonies, award parties, and press releases. Videos promoting a brand’s awareness can help a business or product gain more attention. It increases brand awareness, attracts more customers, and increases conversions, just like in Apple’s aforementioned case. 

2. Product Based Story

A product film efficiently conveys the advantages of a product through this explainer video. Instead of only emphasising the product’s qualities, a great product video should encourage customers to trust it. For example, on most products, Amazon showcases a video as well as multiple photos to make the customers trust the product even more. 

3. Documentary movies

These are true, non-fictional works of art that show a “slice of life.” Experts in video production have a wealth of expertise and experience in producing documentaries that highlight unique stories. An example of this could be the experiences of the employees in the show “The Office”, showcased as a documentary production product of a team of videographers. 

4. Promotional videos

These are powerful marketing tools that efficiently convey information in a short amount of time. Short, entertaining works of art can be produced using promotional videos to keep viewers’ attention. YouTube uses a similar work of art through ads before allowing users to play any video. Even new social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit use such ads in between any user’s doom scrolling spree.

5. Videos for training and tutorials

These promote conversation and aid in better information retention. Videographers produce in-depth instructional videos that walk viewers through every step of using a product or service. Excellent animation videos, whether in 2D or 3D, produce engaging motion simulations using motion graphics or stop-motion animation. 

Animation videos can be used for product videos, education videos, and even business explainer videos to provide interest and detailed graphics that help viewers better grasp a process. Online seminars are known as webinars. A live, online webinar is a type of virtual event. An audiovisual conversation between a speaker and an audience member is included in this instructional video. Amazon uses such videos to train their employees on processes and corrective actions to be taken in certain situations to impact their employees more than just providing them verbal instructions. 

6. Interview videos

In today’s digital age, when entire sectors are online, a company must be thorough and all-encompassing when selecting candidates. Videographers can contribute to making interview videos interesting by using frames and a variety of components.

7. Review videos

These serve as the official evaluation or critical review of any good or service. The information in these films allows viewers to make informed decisions about the goods or services they wish to purchase.

8. Real Estate Videography

Real estate videography is a branch of videography that has just entered the market. Real estate brokers can utilise videos to introduce themselves, provide a virtual home tour, walk through the neighbourhood, and perhaps even organise a live open house with a Q&A session. This expansion into the real estate sector demonstrates the potential application of videography in various industries. Videographers must modify their approach and methods to meet the market’s demands.

How to Choose a Good Videography Service Provider?

Videos play an integral role in depicting the events and occurrences that take place in a business. There are no second chances when it comes to occurrences of an event. Therefore, if the videographer fails, the priceless memories of that event will also perish. Therefore, along with picking a good videographer for your business, it is also necessary to lay out the best suit of requirements for your special occasion.

To ascertain whether the videographer is a good fit for the event requirements, it would be beneficial to discuss your needs. A business can ask the following before they finalise hiring a videographer.

1. Do they understand my brand’s story? 

Stories have a special place in people’s hearts, and the ability to convey captivating stories to audiences is what distinguishes good agencies from great ones. Consider the most unexceptional good or service. An audience is informed about and drawn into your brand and the services you provide when clear, lovely imagery is paired with expertly constructed voiceover or interview soundbites. When you work with a seasoned video production company, you’re working with skilled storytellers who will draw in new customers with the help of your brand’s narrative.

2. Would they respect my budget? 

A company or agency that specialises in making videos will be able to collaborate with you and produce a final product that meets your particular requirements while maintaining your expense. Since the organisation will already have access to the necessary tools, a capable crew, and the capacity to edit high-quality videos, doing so will be simpler and less expensive than buying cameras or hiring a large number of people.

3. Are they up-to-date? 

It takes a full-time job to stay on top of trends in the field of video creation. The agency will have knowledge that will assist them in making a better video for you thanks to the research, workshops, conferences, and studying that goes into learning the hottest new trends. It is vital that you understand the importance of video marketing so that you can maximize its effectiveness.

In a nutshell, the significance of video production for company growth is very well-known. But it is essential to identify your video goal, the type of videography service that your business might need, and keep the aforementioned factors in mind to choose the right videography service provider for your company.


Q1. What is corporate videography?

Corporate videography focuses on creating professional videos for businesses. It includes promotional videos, training videos, and internal communication films.

Q2. Why do businesses need corporate videography?

Corporate videos help in brand building, employee training, and effective communication within the company.

Q3. What are examples of corporate videography?

Examples include company overview videos, staff training tutorials, and customer testimonial videos.

Q4. What is event videography?

Event videography captures live events on video, such as weddings, conferences, and concerts.

Q5. Why is event videography important?

It preserves memories of significant events and provides a dynamic recap for those who could not attend.

Q6. What types of events use videography services?

Weddings, corporate events, sports events, and educational conferences often use videography services.

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