Why Is Content Curation a Crucial Part of Your Strategy?

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Imagine visiting an Instagram page with no content, grid alignment, and visual structure. Would you like to visit that page again? Possibly no, because no one would like to see hundreds of images and videos of widely varying quality without any organisation or context. You can be investing time and effort in your content marketing, but if there’s no specific grid that you follow, your investment is in vain. A page without Content Curation is like a godown full of precious items. is like a godown full of precious items. It’s precious but would a customer ever visit a godown? No, because it’s not organised. 

A customer will only visit a shop where the products are properly aligned, structured, and managed. It takes Social media managers ample time to manage, strategise, and curate content related to a subject matter. This is essentially Content Curation. Let’s delve into it deeper!

What is Content Curation?

What is Content Creation-Content Curation

In simpler words, a content curation is an act of finding, presenting, and structuring information in the form of content for your audience or followers in the online medium. Generating content is one thing, but curating is another. Your audience will not visit your page if it is not well-organised. As the media is evolving, people’s choices and preferences too are evolving in terms of consuming digital content. They want to drown in content that is organised and informative at the same time. It is best to stand up to their expectations if you want to retain them on your page.

Well, some social media managers use curated content as part of their content marketing strategies. Your page speaks for your brand, especially on digital platforms, so you should not undermine it. It is the need of an hour to produce relevant and up-to-the-mark content, but still, there’s not much awareness about it. This is because people don’t know the drill that goes behind it. Let’s shed some light on how to execute content curation successfully! 

How to Execute Content Curation Successfully

1. Determine your content goals.

You don’t generate relevant content simply because you don’t know what you want from it and what you want to spread out of it. Do you want to upload content that is for your marketing? Do you want to upload content that makes people aware of your products and services? Or do you want both? Ask these questions to yourself. 

You need to know the subjects and topics for which you will be curating content and then plan your uploading weekly. It is crucial to determine what outcome you want from your social media page and then prepare it accordingly. 

2. Gather relevant information.

Once you’re done with the above step, it’s time to gather the information that will be presented to your audience. But before that, determine the content topic. What is the topic you will be uploading on your page? Once you’ve decided on the topic, it’s time to start your research and gather information. This information will be the digital piece of content that your audience will be consuming. Make sure that the data is relevant and the source is correct. 

3. Follow the content curation process.

This is the step where real work kicks in. You have the content in your hand now, but that’s not enough. Now you’ve to determine whether this piece matches your subject, is valuable and relevant to the audience, and is unique or not. Before uploading it, group the pieces into different categories. 

Suppose you have one blog with the topic “Top AI companies in the world” and the other one is “Top Fashion Brands in the world.” Now, put the former topic in the “Technology” category and the latter one in the “Fashion” category. This is what we call Grouping. 

4. Share the content.

This step can be a game changer. You might have the best piece of content, but if the platform is not right, it won’t work. Sharing the content on the right mode of the platform can be tricky to understand because the audiences on different platforms are different. 

Suppose you have an article to publish; the best place to upload it is your website because it will gain maximum traffic there. Suppose you have a 30 seconds video or a meme to upload; in this case, the best medium will be Instagram or Facebook because memes and videos gain maximum reach on such platforms. So, choose the platform wisely! 

What are Some of the Features of Content Curation?

Content Curation has some features that can lead your page to one of the most viewed pages among the audience. It mainly aims at bridging the gap between your brand and your audience by depicting what you offer and what values you will bring to your customers. 

Some of the features of Content curation as the method of content curation are mentioned below: 

1. Traffic-oriented

It is asked to generate quality and organised content because people like to stop and stare at it for a while. It generates a website for your page and maximises the reach. 

2. Personalised

Since social media managers select and edit content, it is in our hands to mould it how we want it. We can bring necessary changes, edit it, and make it personalised. 

3. Adds value to the audience

It focuses on providing valuable insights and information about your brand and its products to the audience. 

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What are the Benefits of Content Curation?

Content curation has become a popular tool for content marketing strategy, but as discussed, it’s still not used by many social media managers. This can be due to a lack of awareness, people, and expertise. But, one should definitely work on these factors to get the advantage of all that it has to offer. Let’s delve right into it! 

1. Provides a variety

One of the most common reasons people find social media pages boring is that they become boring after a time. This happens due to a lack of planning and curation at the beginning stage. Content Curation ensures that you have a range of in-store content and variety. Even if the audience consumes your “not-so-interesting”, that doesn’t mean it provides value to them. 

Uploading unique and new content to the audience keeps their interest intact and makes them revisit your page. Authenticity is the key to retaining an audience, and nothing other than content curation can help you get through this.

2. Enhanced credibility

Content Curation helps you win the trust of your target audience. Your digital content should match the point of view of your brand, and your grid should be consistent and unique. Social media managers should gather such content that stands true to your theme and offerings.

A social media consultancy sharing fashion articles would make no sense, right? That’s why you must involve visuals, memes, videos, articles, and anything related to your subject matter. This helps to create credibility among the audience as they re-visit your page and consume your products or services.

3. Expand your audience

Is there any point of virtue in retaining the same audience and not getting any new ones? No. Retention is a positive trait, but non-expansion is much more damaging. Through compelling content curation, you can cater to the preference of a wide variety of audiences by offering a wide range of content. This helps you gain the maximum audience looking for different genres of content. 

Audience expansion is highly crucial for your digital growth because, eventually, it is the most common way of generating revenue for your brand. Therefore, that makes it essential for content marketing strategists to use content curation in order to reach out to the maximum number of customers and audiences.

4. Helps in collaboration

Who wouldn’t love collaborating with a perfect social media account with genuine followers? Content curation speaks for your perfection while pitching collaboration to relative brands or influencers. It helps to get associated with such influencers without any hustle and will help you maintain long-term relationships with them. These collaborations can increase your credibility and customer base. Therefore, you must invest in content curation to avoid its negative impact on your page and fellow collaborators.

5. Lead generation

Suppose there is an average traffic of 10k over your website. Out of these 10,000 people, at least 30-40% of viewers will be genuinely interested in availing of your services, which eventually will turn them from a viewer to a customer. This is the power of content curation. It turns the audience into customers. Most of your leads are generated through traffic, which is possible when the content is curated. 

Final Verdict

Social media can be a game changer for your business if used well. It can be your best friend to survive the digital platform and ace it; content curation can be your second best friend. Content curation is still new to many brands, and those unaware of it definitely miss out on some perks.

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