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Mobile phones exist with each one of us, and the app is a term that is extremely common among everyone! So why not use a mobile application to grow your business? There are various advantages of using a mobile app to grow your business.

  • It helps to build a strong bond with your customers and increases the loyalty and credibility of your business. Furthermore, over 2.6 million people have smartphones; hence through mobile apps, your business can potentially have that many leads!
  • Having a mobile application increases your sales tremendously! For example, as soon as Domino’s Pizza launched its mobile app, its sales increased by 28%. Mobile apps are also a great feature to inform users about new launches and offers!
  • Now that we have an idea about the advantages of having a mobile app, let us look into the things one must consider before finalising their mobile app development company.

1. Identify your goals

Irrespective of your business type, it is necessary to know and understand the goals and objectives of why you want a mobile app. Developing a mobile app can take a considerable amount of time and take a tremendous toll on your budget. Hence you must be precise with your goals.

For example, if you are a B2B firm, you might want to develop an app to better interact with your customers or get feedback from the customers to improve your sales and other features. Whatever be your objective, you must think about it carefully and then decide.

2. Define your pitch

You must know why your app needs to exist and all the problems your app could solve. It would be best to be assured why people will use your app over the other apps existing in the market. You must convey your ideas and requirements in a precise form to the app development team. If you have any other queries, you must clear them out within your company before reaching out to the app developers.

3. Know your market

With digitalisation, every company builds its websites/web apps/mobile apps. Hence it is prevalent for your competitors to have one as well! Therefore, knowing your market can be a crucial step to understanding the people better and providing them with the services better than your competitors.

Understand what your people need and think wisely about how you can offer it without the services taking a massive toll on your business.

4. Budget

The average cost of building a mobile app is dependent on the requirements of the consumer. For a mobile app with basic features, the cost of the app can be very basic. But, the mobile app with the sophistication of features and functionalities will require a much lot of money compared to making basic mobile apps.

Hence it is essential to understand your requirements and build the app accordingly. Your competitors might have a sophisticated app, and you might want to build something like that as well, but are we ready to go bankrupt just because we are developing an app? No one wants that! Hence you must work on the budget and build apps accordingly.

5. App design

There are several types of apps that are available in the market. You can choose between native, hybrid, and web apps for your business according to its requirements. It is wise to choose between these beforehand to work on your budget and alter the needs if required. The significant difference lies in the programming language they have built and the features expertise offered by them.

Native apps are generally preferred for gaming and other video or photo stuff. For example, the game subway surfers is a native app. Web apps are popular options among businesses that constantly update their sites and products. For example, Netflix is a web app.

The average cost of a native app is $100,000, whereas the cost of a web app is $10,000. There is a vast difference in the cost; hence, the software developers created hybrid apps to strike a perfect balance. The cost is in the range of $5000 to $100,000.

Despite the cost difference, it would be wise to decide on the type of app based on your requirements.

6. Fix your platform

The time, effort, and costs differ based on the platform (iOS or Android). iOS apps are based on Shift Proprietary language, and Android apps are based on Java. Developers generally find coding in Shift easier than Java. iOS architecture is more easily manageable than Android as the android app is split into several fragments during design. The development cost should be the same for both platforms but varies based on the complexity of the requirements.

7. Interact with the technical team

If you involve a middleman to convey your needs to the app development firms, there will be lots of confusion. So instead, it would be better to contact the technical team and tell them your needs and expectations. Then, they might work on it and let you know if that is possible and stays within the budget.

8. Strategise your app marketing techniques

Even though many companies offer various marketing techniques, you must know what is best suited for your business. For example, app development companies might offer exclusive marketing techniques that might claim to popularise your app. Furthermore, you must thoroughly inspect if that works for your business. If it works, then perfectly fine! Or else, you must find some attractive marketing techniques to ensure the reach of your mobile app.

9. Ensure the safety of the customers

Every app asks for either a phone number or email address to ensure the authenticity of the people. But in this process of getting sensitive information like phone numbers, residential addresses, email addresses, and other things, you must ensure the customers’ safety. If people feel you are not trustworthy enough, they might never revert to you again. You must also provide policy views so that people can understand what data you collect and how you are using it. We must provide a detailed procedure that shows people that you care about their privacy and that no misuse of information will be done on your behalf.

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10. Plan your Play Store/Apple store strategies

Once you have decided to develop an app, the next step is to plan the optimisation techniques. The essential requirement for any app is to have a transparent icon and an exact name. You might also add screenshots of your in-app features to let people have a clear understanding. For example, apps with video insights are downloaded 45% more than conventional ones. So plan your strategies accordingly.

To summarise….

App development is trending because of its various advantages. It is faster to reach to the audience and gives a brief announcement of new products and updates. Over 2.6 million people use smartphones, and hence approaching them with an app is the easiest way to make them your customer. Mobile apps are also top-rated among businesses because they increase the loyalty and credibility of the business to the people.

But before finalising your mobile app development company, there are certain things that you must look out for. The key idea behind any business is its well-defined ideas. Every business exists and what makes your business unique is what matters. It is also necessary to know the market and your audience to develop according to your needs. For example, in the lockdown times, searches related to games that make money trend. So you must ensure that your launches stay within the objectives of your business and focus on trending topics.

App development can cost a lot of money depending on the platform, type of app, and the complexity of your requirements. Having an interaction with some of the experienced players in the market is necessary to have a clear understanding of your digital needs and deliver on them.

Making the choice of a suitable mobile development company is essential for creating your desired application loaded with desired features. It would be wise to strategise the marketing techniques to make your app reach a greater audience. Of course, your app development firm might offer marketing techniques as well, but you must know what is best suited for your business and what is not!

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