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Digital Marketing agency have utilised various methods to contact customers over the years, including newspaper ads, radio and television commercials, and numerous online channels. Thanks to social media, mobile technology, and Big Data, marketing has gone a long way since its humble origins.

With so many changes in marketing, many agencies are finding it difficult to adjust to the new environment. Aside from new hurdles, a few issues have had marketers scratching their heads for a long time.

Let’s look at some of the most typical issues that digital marketing companies face and how to fix them so that your company may continue to expand and gain a competitive advantage.

Increasing your customer base

Customers are essential for every organisation to succeed, and digital marketing agencies are no exception. They do, however, face particular hurdles in obtaining and retaining customers.

It’s challenging to market a digital agency. First, getting in front of prospects is challenging due to fierce competition. Even if you succeed, distinguishing in a crowded market is challenging.

SEO and social media are the key marketing mediums for most small and midsize businesses. However, competing against specialists is difficult. PPC is costly, as larger firms have raised the cost of purchasing clicks. As a result, sustaining visibility is a constant struggle.

The most challenging task is to maintain visibility. The competition is severe, with many firms (and individuals) vying for the exact keywords. It’s challenging to rank for significant keywords in Google searches. The majority of keywords are prohibitively expensive to use in Google AdWords to generate clicks. To acquire visibility and attract visitors, agencies must devote significant resources to content generation and link building.

The agency must illustrate why they are the best option once they are in front of the prospect. All agencies appear to a prospective client to be the same, with similar services and business strategies. Everyone uses the same tools and procedures. Every firm claims to produce the same results: increased visitors and sales.

Unique offerings and a fresh business model are the solutions. It could involve narrowing your niche or reusing your product.

As the agency owner, you must identify and focus on your primary capabilities. Maybe you’re an SEO whiz. Perhaps you’ve built a solid reputation for assisting SaaS startups in acquiring new consumers. It would help if you focused on your best qualities.

The first thing you’ll need is a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website that’s also SEO-friendly. Concentrate on getting your main message over above the fold on the home page, and make it easy for people to contact you.

Make sure your website code is optimised, and pictures are compressed to reduce the load time, as speed is a crucial component of the SEO equation. Because many of your prospects will view your site via mobile devices, ensure it is responsive and renders nicely.

After that, you must produce and promote content. A successful digital agency must have a fantastic blog. You or your team should, ideally, create blog content. You can also hire someone to write for you if you don’t have time.

Recruiting and retaining great employees

Without the appropriate personnel at the right price, you can’t build a successful agency. And the most talented individuals are in high demand. It’s not easy to find the top minds in the industry. Other organisations already employ the best employees, and persuading them to leave is complex.

Hiring remote workers and having an in-house training program to turn new college grads and young “creatives” into excellent marketers are two of the most common techniques digital marketing organisations utilise to recruit and retain talent. Small and medium-sized agencies are increasingly turning to remote talent since it gives access to a larger and more economical talent pool.

The agency frequently hires and trains persons looking for their first or second employment. Pure SEO also creates a fantastic working atmosphere, encourages employees, and provides frequent opportunities for advancement to retain top personnel.

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Growing the company

Scaling a business is never easy, but it’s tough in a person-centric profession like digital marketing. New obstacles in hiring arise as a result of growth, such as guaranteeing consistent service delivery, managing money, and forming a new business development team.

You’ll need the correct mechanisms in place to manage growth as your agency grows. This covers sales, financial, service delivery, and HR tracking and monitoring systems. It would help if you also created a culture that encourages your staff to perform at their best.

Digital marketing is a skill-based service, so there’s always a chance that the individual providing it will make a mistake or lack the knowledge necessary to provide the best possible service.

Many agencies use small, agile teams that cater to specific client groups to overcome these issues. To ensure that work is uniform across teams and clients, the organisation has created and documented processes and templates for everything they do. The founder’s brand is crucial to many digital agencies. Clients want personal attention from the founder when they come to the agency.

Communication tools and platforms are also critical to the business’s growth

In addition to completing routine projects, your team may be called upon to focus on a new endeavour for a customer. Your team will need a game plan and intentional systems to keep on top of regular work while working on new, exciting projects.

Consider using a good project management tool if you don’t want to go through the trouble of developing a bespoke setup. You can keep track of tasks and projects, and it works well with other software to keep information flowing between your team and clients.

It would help if you defined processes to promote growth and picked the appropriate tools. You may, for example, demand that all client deliverables be peer-reviewed before being sent to the customer. You can establish periodic internal review processes for each account to ensure that team members understand what is expected and how to do their tasks.

Relationship management with clients

While attracting new clients is critical, managing existing clients is even more critical. Even if you provide a high-quality service, poorly managed connections can lead to client unhappiness, and losing client relationships is the single most expensive item for many agencies.

Clients have many touch points within the agency because most digital marketing projects involve multiple professionals. For example, a client might work with an SEO manager, a PPC specialist, and a community manager. Your clients must receive the value and support they desire and believe they receive the discount and support. Scheduling weekly or monthly calls between your client and account manager is one way to do this.

Setting appropriate expectations is maybe the most crucial aspect of customer relationship management. Everyone these days is in a hurry and expects immediate results. There are a slew of digital marketing “gurus” that promise to get a site to page one in a matter of weeks. In a competitive market, seasoned workers understand that delivering results takes time. Organic SEO can take months and fall short of your client’s expectations. Building a Facebook group where clients notice continuous business takes time. Setting appropriate expectations and proactively managing them is critical to maintaining a positive client relationship. Clients that sincerely recognise the unique qualities and opportunities you bring to the table are essential.

Keeping up with industry changes

Digital marketing is a field that is continually evolving. New technologies, platforms, and theories impact how marketing is done every month. Your agency must keep up with emerging innovations to stay ahead of the competition. But it isn’t simple. To keep your workforce up to date on the latest advances, you must engage in learning and knowledge sharing.

Others stay up with a quickly changing landscape by doing show-and-tell sessions, sharing knowledge, and creating a collaborative atmosphere. These professionals conduct weekly in-house training sessions to keep everyone up to date.

Hiring a freelancer who is an expert in new technology or platform is sometimes a good option. It solves two problems: it allows you to provide expertise to your clients while also allowing your team members to learn from the expert. Suppose you provide conversion optimisation services to SaaS companies, for example. In that case, you might want to partner with someone who knows how to use platforms like Intercom to convert Trial to Paid consumers.

Putting everything together managing a digital marketing agency may be financially gratifying and personally fulfilling. But, like anything else, it comes with its own set of difficulties. We hope that this article will assist you in overcoming the challenges you experience daily as you run your agency and grow your business.


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What are some common challenges of working with a digital marketing agency?

Some common challenges of working with a digital marketing agency include communication issues, misaligned expectations, lack of transparency, lack of flexibility, and difficulty in measuring ROI.

How can you address communication issues with a digital marketing agency?

To address communication issues with a digital marketing agency, it’s important to establish clear lines of communication from the outset, set regular check-ins and reporting, and ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of each other’s goals and expectations.

How can you ensure transparency and accountability from a digital marketing agency?

To ensure transparency and accountability from a digital marketing agency, it’s important to establish clear reporting and communication processes, ask for regular updates and progress reports, and request access to all relevant data and analytics.

What are some best practices for measuring ROI from a digital marketing agency?

To measure ROI from a digital marketing agency, it’s important to track relevant metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and revenue, establish clear KPIs and benchmarks, and use tools such as Google Analytics or marketing automation software to track and analyse your data.

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