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High clicks through your website are a positive reflection that users are finding your listings and ads engaging as well as relevant. Increasing click-through rates is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website and ultimately experience spectacular growth in business.

It is important to analyse the type of content that resonates best with the customers and Implement advanced SEO strategies to improve clicks. The effectiveness of these efforts can be best measured by monitoring the improving click-through rate (CTR).

The organic click-through rate is the natural traffic that comes to your website to browse the webpage. 

Understanding Click-through rate 

This is a significant metric that reveals the degree of success of your web page. Click-through rate refers to the ratio of users that click a link to the total quantity of impressions it receives. For example, if five people see a link and 0 people click on it, then that link has a CTR of 0%. But, if fifty people see a link and twenty-five of them click on it, then that link has a CTR of 25%. But if no person is clicking on your links, it implies that either people are not seeing your link or that they are not attracted to your product or service.

Calculate the organic CTR of your website 

Find the percentage of the number of times individuals click on the website. Calculate the number of times people actually come across your website. The higher the click-through rate for your website, the higher the organic traffic that comes to your site. It is important to ensure the organic traffic coming to your site should be high.

Proven ways of improving click through for your website 

Use Long-tail keywords

Adding long-tail keywords to the web content can improve the ranking of your website. Instead of merely targeting the primary keyword, you need to focus on long-tail keywords as they have less competition. This keyword clustering will help to generate the link text and get a higher ranking in search results. 

Write effective and relevant Meta description 

Meta descriptions explain what a link is all about and what to expect when clicking on it. Title and Meta tags are one of the primary drivers of click-through rates.

Catchy titles along with clear and impactful meta descriptions improve the number of clicks on the link and boost traffic for a webpage. 

Generic links such as “click here,” or “read more,” or “check out this article” are not very effective as they do not provide much context.

Specify word count in your meta descriptions and title. A creative Meta description with in set limit of 160 can explain the matter of your webpage. The precise explanation will draw the audience and make the user feel confident when clicking on your link. 

Make sure your meta tag descriptions are concise and crisp to augment the click-through rate.

Place Links at a noticeable position in the post

To increase click-through for your website it is important that users should view the link and click on it instantly. If you place your links in the third or fourth paragraph of an article, there is a strong possibility that readers are less likely to click on them. Hence it is best to place your link at the top of the page or in some conspicuous position so that users can easily see it. 

Use engaging language 

It is important that users can instantly assess the subject matter of your web page. Difficult language or technical jargon may not engage them. Therefore, it’s essential to use words that will resonate instantly with the user. Simple and eloquent “language.” will help to improve clicks. 

Create an email newsletter

Email marketing helps to boost CTR. The users can easily scan the email newsletter, click on the links and visit your website.

A page filled with a lot of ads will only make the user lose interest in the content and will not be motivated enough to click. Increase your CTR by striking a healthy ratio of Links and ads. 

Provide valuable content 

Make your content helpful, meaningful, and special to motivate the audience to click on your link. Providing real value for your readers will truly help users to click on it. 

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Ensure that you’re not merely writing content just to drive traffic or to monetise clicks. Write relevant content that really benefits your readers and thus improves clicks. 

Employ a good combination of varied marketing strategies

Even relevant content needs to be marketed properly so that it is seen by a large number of audiences to click on it. Create an effective blend of online marketing strategies to promote your content and drive traffic to your website. 

Use social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook, or influencers to ensure that people see your content and click on it 

Using well-known social platforms helps to increase organic traffic on your website have a large audience. Write a post on any one of them, and they will share it for you, and a large number of people will see your content and click 

Do not only depend on Google search as the results are mostly based on algorithms and not on user engagement.

Keep your titles simple

Ensure to keep your titles and headlines engaging so that you get more clicks. Also, insert your site name at the start or end of your title.

Do not use clickbait titles, as users prefer to click on informative titles. For example, avoid saying, “You’ll Never Believe This,”. Rather give users relevant insight about the content of your article to improve clicks. If you do not get the required clicks then revaluate your slips and 

One of the most important factors in CTR is for the user to understand what he is clicking on. Be sure to label buttons with “Read More” if there’s a lot of content, and ensure that the visitors know exactly what information they can get if they sign up for your newsletter frame better titles. 

Maintain consistency 

Reliable content and consistent layout throughout your website ensure that users know what to expect when they visit your website. This will improve the click rate. On the contrary, too much variety creates confusion as they have to spend more time finding what they’re looking for. This decreases their trust in your website, and you will lose clicks.

If the content is not consistent, they may unintentionally click on something else. This will diminish their trust in your site and, eventually, lower your CTR.

Ensure a prompt call to action 

One of the best ways to upturn click-through rates is by implementing a strong call to action. This implies illustrating clearly what users need to do next, such as signing up for your email or purchasing your product. 

If the user is not sure what action they have to perform next, then it is possible that they will not stay on the site. This will result in decreasing the click-through rate. 

Device structured data 

Implementing structured data helps to show up the infoboxes on the top of the SERP. There is no need to click on the site to read the entire content as you view the necessary information from the extract on the top. Structured data helps search engines such as Google to understand the content of your site better. 

Showcasing relevant information when someone makes an online query instantly improves your ranking in the search engines. Thus you can expect more CTR as compared to sites that even rank in the top positions of the SERP.

Use Eloquent URLs 

Vivid and descriptive URLs boost CTR. It is important to classify everything correctly as you write a blog post or publish web pages. This also boosts search engine visibility and improves clicks.

Make use of vivid images in posts 

Eye-catching pictures also play a fundamental part in boosting clicks and increasing engagement. Studies reveal that attractive images increase the CTR in emails by 45%. 

Original visual content helps people to feel comfortable and are thus compelled to click on your page to enhance website speed. 

Optimising speed is an integral factor in defining the success of a CTR. The slow loading of the page is annoying, and people tend to leave before exploring. In mobile, wait time from 1 to 5 seconds can augment bounce rate considerably. Site speed is also a decisive factor in improving page rank. Hence it is crucial to make your website very functional and speedy to boost CTR. 


It is important to analyse CTR to ensure that your website is not underperforming. Appropriate content creation and email marketing are a few of the best ways to improve clicks.

Ensure that the content has meta tags and relevant headlines and that keywords are appropriately used in your content. Experiment with your SEO strategies to ascertain 

Improvements in the CTR.
Proficient professional companies and agencies shortlisted through Expand My Business can help your business make the best use of SEO strategies and content tactics. This will boost and improve the organic click-through rate of the website and unlock the potential for growth of your business.

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