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By 2020, more than 45% of the total apps consisted of games. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the game app development is on demand because with more users comes more demand for developers. So how can you make your game stand out from the rest? There is no point in simply being 1 in a million. It is crucial that you stand out of the crowd to create a place in the people’s minds.

Furthermore, your post-game launch strategy is essential to ensure that the game reaches more people, but before developing it, there are some best practises a game developer must follow. Let us now look at the best practises that must be followed while developing a gaming app. 

Create a game design plan

Before the successful launch of any program, it is necessary to plan the sequence of events. The game might be simple, but you must have a good game plan before heading to the developer. A game plan must consist of all the ideas from the characterisation to the actual implementation. All the sequence of events like how to play, when to reward, and integrate other features must all be present in the game plan. A designer would appreciate you if you had the game plan in the form of a flow chart. 

Create good UI/UX 

A game is incomplete without a better user experience and user interaction. Hence, you must research the UI/UX very well and design the game accordingly. Too many features can complicate things, and a simple layout might not be sufficient to attract many people. Hence you must plan a game so that the gamers would be hooked on the game. 

Keep the initial levels easy

This is one of the chief game development strategies. By keeping the initial levels easy, you ensure that the gamer will remain connected with the game. If the gamer experiences failure initially, they might uninstall the game!

The starting must always be easy. It is proven that once the gamer plays the initial level and successfully clears it, he might keep the game for a sufficiently more prolonged period. The initial levels must be in such a way that it hooks the audience and gives them an insight into how the higher levels are going to be. So keep the initial level easy and see the magic! 

Introduce your characters

The players must know the whats and whys of playing your game. So be quick enough to introduce all the characters of the game briefly. Tell them who is good and who is terrible. Tell them all that they must now. Tell their objective of playing the game. Are they playing the game just for fun, or do they have a silent mission to accomplish? Tell them everything you can possibly tell. Design your game in a story format to have better interactivity. 

Offer multiple saving options

No one wants their progress to be lost. So offer features that allow saving every player’s progress instantly. Even if the game has been played for a minute, the user must know their progress to continue playing. So the points must be displayed instantly and if possible, try to let the players know how many more points they must collect to fetch a reward. This sounds motivating for both your business and the players. 

Offer social media integration

Many popular games allow the option to share their record on social media like Facebook. This feature has many benefits. One, your game might be known by all, and many might even download it. Second, you can offer the player more rewards if they connect with social media. That way, you can make them play your games more and eventually like it. Finally, classic games like subway surfers allow players to connect with Facebook and provide them an instant reward of more coins and a competitive field with their friends and family. 

Try integrating monetisation options

You might earn without using any monetisation options as the Play Store/App Store pays you based on the number of downloads. But that amount is less and might not be enough for you to pay your developers. So try integrating monetisation options in your games. Then, plan so that the game can be developed accordingly. 

There are several options like premium apps- users must pay before using the app, freemium apps- where users can avail certain features but to avail all the features, they must pay. Some features allow you to put up ads in the form of videos that a user can watch. This ad might double their reward and also allow you to make money. 

Make application smaller

Always remember the memory space of a device is limited, and the first app that a user might uninstall for clearing memory space is games. If your game occupies more than 1GB of space, it is most likely to be uninstalled when the space constraint comes. So while designing, keep in mind the space constraints and then develop accordingly. Less than a GB might not seem huge, but it is considered huge when it crosses the 1GB margin. Act wisely. 

Roll out updates 

Playing the same game all the time can be pretty dull. The game might look the same without an update, even with varying levels. So try to roll out updates at least once a month to stay connected with the app. Try reading out the user experience reviews and then incorporating the corrections and updating. We all know Subway Surfers. That app updates every month. It might seem that we are playing the game differently with updates, but it is just the same game. This game has successfully hooked 3 billion people and is popular even after a decade of its launch! 

Test the model before launch 

Testing the model before launch is a vital step of the game development process. Test the game on various devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers to ensure the smooth working of the game. If there are any glitches, contact the game app development team and sort them out. Try testing the sound effects, the visual effects, hand control, and ensure that the game is saved correctly. Also, ensure the data privacy of the user. 


Enable special features

Do you know that 10% of the world’s population is left-handed? So try coming up with user-friendly features for both right and left-handed people. When your phone randomly rotates while playing, do you get annoyed as a player? So why not develop the app by considering the rotational feature as well? Some games are meant to be played in portrait and some in landscape mode. Plan your game accordingly so that the user can have a better experience even if they have enabled the auto-rotation feature in their mobile phones. 

It’s a wrap! 

App development is on-trend, and gaming apps are top-rated to develop because they make up more than 45% of the total apps used. However, with more apps comes more competition, and you must stand out for your game to be recognised. There are certain best practises a gaming app developer must follow to make their app unique and exciting. Some of them are:

  • Create a game design plan
  • Create good UI/UX
  • Keep the initial levels easy
  • Offer multiple saving options
  • Offer social media integration
  • Try integrating monetisation options
  • Enable special features
  • Make application smaller
  • Roll out updates
  • Test the model before launch

After following these best practises, your game is good to go.

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