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With full-featured smartphones grabbing the eyeballs, business owners are really striving hard to use the smartphone platform for business growth. Just look around, and you will witness that the Android platform is enjoying immense fame amongst potential users. The rapid proliferation of Smartphones is leading these platforms towards huge success. One cannot overlook the need for these devices for the growth of their business.

In the present day, businesses more and more want to be app-ready, thereby ensuring a flawless customer experience. And, if you are in this league, then an app development project can inevitably be on your list. We all know that developing an application needs a set of software, hardware, and of course, skilled manpower. Developing a highly scalable and interactive business application is not a simple task. At the same time, the complete process of developing an Android app can be overwhelming for you. 

What to look for when hiring an Android Application Developer?

There’s plenty that goes into app development, but your motive and industry kind matter the most. Unless you have a brand idea that you can execute into a digital platform, it is difficult to come up with a very unique app without mimicking another app. It is critical to select a high quality and skilled development team to bring your app to life. The best way to represent your brand is through the eyes of the user, and hence, an app developer is the one who understands this is the one you need! 

Let us clear it out what is needed and how to develop an android app. However, developing a successful app can truly turn your fortune around. Android users are quite high in today’s time and are cost-effective too.

Below mentioned are the points that assist you in preparing a checklist about the do’s and don’ts when developing a functional mobile application.

Formation and Installation of Plans:

Defining your business goals and future plans for the Android app is not only the starting figment but also a crucial part of this process. Your plan should identify itself with all the features your app is sure to have and some other pathways you will explore through it. While you are pondering on it, keep in mind that features that resonate the most with the users or your brand’s target group are commendable to use. 

Define what the Users Need:

The first and foremost thing is to see what the users wish to see and how to work it out further after launching the application on Android. Then comes what do the users expect to do once they use the app. Then, see what the consumers wish to get from you from the program. Naturally, after this, it will prove the first step toward a successful Android application development project.

Design an Eye-Catching Application:

Decide the number of screens you wish to have. Then decide on how many blocks you are planning to place on a single screen. Once all this is done, make sure whether you want a personal profile and integration with social networks or not. Think about its appearance carefully and also keep checking the competitors’ apps. 

Prioritise Security:

This might seem very obvious, but most of the apps available are security threats. Users want a secure and working platform, so investment in security measures is necessary. The safety of the app is beneficial for you and the users both. A minor security breach damages your business’s legacy and reputation. You should see to it that all security protocols and practices are encompassed in your app. This helps you in cutting out risk early without any signs of trouble. 

Marketing your Application

Putting time into creating a full-proof marketing strategy is a link binder to all the previous steps. Even with the right choices, if your marketing is weak, people will not hear about you, and hence, you will be sidelined after a time. Making sure that your just launched app has a stream of news around it is going to prove to be extremely fruitful for you. Promotion of apps prior to their release is a great way to start after you have detected and corrected all functionality flaws. 


Yes, in today’s time, coding is really important. In the development process, coding needs special mention. Features like setting up servers and APIs, push notifications, and user management needs a lot of special attention. 

Finance Blueprint and Itinerary:

There are a lot of mobile price tiers available on the internet, but you have to put careful consideration into which budget plan suits your app. If your budget is falling short or is limited, you can focus on the core functionalities and add the supplements later. With that being said, timelines go hand in hand with this. You need to have a fixed deadline, and until it arrives, some amount of work should be done. A flexible schedule can reduce a lot of financial costs for you. Just make sure to stick to the main functions of the app and focus on its supplementary feature later on. 

Monetise the Application:

The monetise strategy you decide on will be according to the industry you are in. For instance, a retail industry company is likely to offer discounts or subscription offers on shipping costs. You can consider in-app purchases. They are not only effective but also influencing in terms of sales. Other models have the users pay for the app as a whole. You can choose your strategy according to the blueprint of the app. All in all, these are used to enhance user experience and get positive ratings for the ideas you think are suitable. 

Widespread App Testing:

Testing of an app goes together while executing security measures. The reason is that while testing, you need to look out for ways that can affect your app and how you will resolve it. The user-interface needs to be really sturdy, with buttons working well for the operating system as well as the devices for which you are developing.

It is important to test both internally and externally so that there is no chaos later on. By permitting the users to navigate the app properly, you will come to know what is working and what is not.

There are a lot of things to develop the app, but understanding the industry and its users is more important. However, looking for ways to present your brand name is also vital. All the planning in this world will not at all help if you do not hire the services of an app developer. So, it is advisable to hire a competent development team to bring your idea of the app into reality.

Is the app industry alluring enough with its personality to attract you to it? If you are on the other side, wondering how to get started or where to start, Expand My Business is here for you! As a learner, this checklist has all the details you need to guide you through this process. When you are researching for the newest versions of mobile applications, our brochure with questions that are pertinent to the disparate forms of app development like idea creation, sketching, programming maintenance and other necessary logistics will help you. 

We specialise in delivering mobile app development services. We meet all your business requirements and make sure not to leave any stone unturned. Moreover, we offer services relating to emerging technologies. Our right marketing plan will surely engage the users and grow your customer conversion as well as retention rates. 


The app development procedure begins with immense planning and preparation. The company needs to hire an app developer who ought to be proficient enough in achieving goals. You have to go through several stages to develop an app. To stay organised, it is better to follow the above mentioned checklists and cover all significant elements.

However, the simpler thing to do would be to go for the adoption of services of Expand My Business and leave the rest to us. Our team of dedicated tech consultants will look into your project requirements and arrange a call with the top 3 partner agencies. Based on their previous work experience and portfolio, you can select any suitable partner, after which a dedicated delivery manager is allotted to you to ensure the achievement of deliverables. Get in touch with us today and assort your Android application development requirement today!

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