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Currently, the turbulent times have taken a heavy toll even on online business. Almost everyone is trying earnestly to strategically address one or many social media platforms to upgrade business. Social media practices are being adopted to generate business leads and enhance sales. Driving organic traffic to your website is crucial for achieving success in your online business.

For generating organic traffic to your website, it is important to develop a comprehensive and well-rounded approach that can create bridges from multiple points on the internet, to your website.

In this era of advanced technology and the internet, a majority of people will be using search engines to look for products and services they need. These days everyone checks online to see the reviews and ratings of products before making a purchase. Therefore, if you want to make more sales, you must create a reliable and trustable online presence so that people can locate your business’ products and services and purchase them.

Lack of online presence will put you behind in competition and thus your competitors will get an edge in the market. The traffic that is generated from organic searches is very important.

Understanding the concept of organic traffic

It is the traffic that is directed to your website from unpaid sources or searches from sites including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Its importance cannot be undermined as it is a significant tool to kick start an online business endeavour.

Organic traffic plays a crucial role in creating and enhancing the success of any online business. Research reveals that it represents more than 60% of the total traffic on the website. Website owners can rely on the traffic that gets directed from the organic searches for online business expansion. Organic-driven traffic improves high ranking on the search engines, promotes trust and reliability, and inbound marketing.

Higher organic traffic exhibits a better degree of popularity and reaches of any website. Gaining high organic traffic is something that requires constant hard work and effort in the long run. It cannot show results in a short time and that is why you need to be patient as sooner or later, the efforts will bear the best results.

 Importance of generating organic traffic on your website

 (i) Gets human traffic

It is observed that in paid traffic, you can generate clicks from sources including automated machines and different software programs which are employed to increase their click to increase earnings. But, since this is not human traffic, it will not enjoy any conversion ultimately. Hence, by implementing organic traffic, you are assured of getting real visitors and traffic from humans, and not merely automated visitors.

(ii) Organic traffic gets long-lasting performance outcome

The outcomes from organic traffic are long-lasting as compared to the PPC-driven campaign. Paid traffic will increase if consistent promotion is done on the website, otherwise, the traffic will eventually decrease. But, if your website is employing the best practices for organic traffic it will be difficult for competitors to surpass your performance on the search engines.

Thus your website, empowered with meaningful content, will be able to attract regular visitors continuously. If you are meeting the needs of your clients, your website will flourish, will stay relevant to search engines and the ranking of your website will also continue to improve.

(iii) Organic traffic gets the best conversion rates

With organic traffic, your rank in the search engines improves and this increases the probability of more people accessing the website. Increased traffic on the web page will lead to higher conversions. With a higher conversion rate, the online business will prosper.

(iv) Organic traffic is cost-effective

Organic traffic does not require a costly investment. When the budget gets exhausted with a PPC-driven campaign the performance plummets.

But by employing best practices and techniques to attract organic traffic, you do not have to incur the cost of buying any expensive software or programs, for example by merely optimising keywords visitors will access your web page through the general searches in the leading search engines.

Few sure ways to increase organic traffic to your website

(i) Create relevant and easy content

Meaningful content is the best way to attract organic traffic. It also plays a key role in increasing organic traffic. You can boost organic traffic by using long-tail keywords in the search engines to ensure you have a better ranking. It is imperative to write content that is relevant to the target audience.

For example, a website that is selling fashion clothing should have content about the latest fashion trends in the fashion industry. The content should be written after doing exhaustive keyword research. Write content that has a high viral frequency. You will also require content that is easy to navigate, is readable, and referenceable. Do not divert from basics as irrelevant content can damage and affect organic traffic in a negative manner.

Link building is an important strategy implemented in search engine optimisation. Linking with compatible websites is a great way to boost organic traffic SEO approves of quality links and disapproves of people who put irrelevant links on the website. It is important to have relevant and quality links to have SEO right.

You can build a link with outbound links known as backlinks. It is crucial to place links in only the best and good quality websites. One of the easy ways to get links is to invest in blog commenting and guest posting. This is because powerful content draws good content, which eventually results in enhancing organic traffic.

This is an important practice to improve organic traffic. Having relevant and quality links is extremely crucial. It is important that these links are placed on good and quality websites. Guest posting or vibrant blog commenting will result in boosting organic traffic. They should be promoted across all channels so that it is instantly visible on all popular search engine channels.

(iii) Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic traffic is directly dependent and closely linked with Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a robust and very important marketing tool that needs constant attention. It helps in enhancing the organic traffic to your website, generate more responsive leads, and increasing the presence of the target audience on your website. It is important to focus on every aspect of SEO such as descriptions, broken links, URLs, Tags, and titles in a comprehensive manner

(iv) Regular and updated content boosts organic traffic

Optimise content consistently to increase organic traffic. Implementing a robust content structure is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Many bloggers spend time and effort building a website but do not update continuously and consistently. Poor writing frequency affects search results drastically. It is important to make the blog vibrant, attractive, and engaging and post articles regularly.

(v) The powerful design and structure of the website attracts organic traffic

It is important to design and build a robust website as it attracts organic traffic to the website. It is important that the user experience should be seamless and relevant information is readily available.

(vi) Web directories help to enhance organic traffic

One of the most established ways to enhance free traffic to the site is by submitting your link to website directories. There is a large number of directories on the internet. As you add your link to the directory, you are improving your chances of generating free traffic to your site.

(vii) Conduct in-depth keyword research

Carefully select keywords for your content. Do not ignore them but at the same time do not overload your content with keywords. It is important to focus on long-tail keywords. They demonstrate specific search intent and attract organic traffic. Keyword tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner can be used to conduct research. Effective keywords help to drive organic traffic to the website and attract the target audience.

  (viii) Website promotion on social media

Currently, social media is a powerful tool. It has immense power and global reach. It is important to promote the website on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This will automatically generate organic traffic as niche audiences visit these social platforms.


These techniques are worth all your time and effort as you present the internet user the opportunity to visit your website directly via your link or from a website directory ad, a bookmarked page or a video posting or blog, etc.

Implementing best practices and techniques for generating organic traffic on your website can help you to stand out amongst the competitors and ensure financial success.

Generating organic traffic on your website is a continuous and tenacious endeavour. With fast-changing technology, you need to pay perpetual attention and devise novel ways and techniques to drive organic traffic to your website. Crafting quality content, using long-tail keywords and blogging can definitely help boost organic traffic. Concluding, the road to organic traffic can be a little slow and arduous and filled with multiple challenges, but the outcomes are outstanding, particularly in the long run.

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