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Linkedin is a growing platform that you cannot ignore. Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, LinkedIn is the best platform to meet with like-minded people. In today’s time, businesses or marketers need to establish a brand on LinkedIn. Moreover, it has the potential to generate quality leads. 

If you are a B2B marketer, then having a strong presence on LinkedIn is essential for your business. Almost every business has an account on LinkedIn. To make connections on LinkedIn, you have to post quality content. Already industry leaders and big businesses are on the platform. If you want to gain attention to your business, your content must have quality. The below section of the blog discusses some of the best content research practices for Linkedin.

LinkedIn as a platform can generate leads for your business

LinkedIn is considered an effective platform for B2B lead generation. If you want to drive traffic, LinkedIn is the best platform. But it does not mean that you will just randomly post the content and will gain traffic. 

You have to do proper research on content, what type of content will work for your business, and what type of content people are enjoying. You have to focus on all these things. Then only you can create powerful content that will drive traffic. 

Quality content can only be formed by following the best practices. After analysing lots of practices, we have mentioned some best content research practices for LinkedIn that will work for your business. 

Best practices for content research 

Content is king, and only with quality content, you can establish a brand. This is why it is important to create the best content. You should do research so that you will get an idea of what will work best for you. With the best content research practices, you can create the best content on LinkedIn that will drive traffic. 

The first thing that may come to your mind is what kind of content you should post on LinkedIn. The answer to this question is to follow the industry trends. 

Following the industry trends means you have to post the content that is most visible on LinkedIn. Many websites have done surveys that have analysed around 10 million blogs shared on LinkedIn. It has been found that the top heading of the content is “How to”, “X ways”, and ” How to make” like this. 

If you also want to be in the market and gain attention, you have to post content that people want to see. 

Thoughtful content 

You don’t need to always sell your product or share the content that will promote your product or service. Instead, you should post thoughtful content that will gain the attraction of other marketers. Automatically you will see growth in your business. 

People invest their time on LinkedIn to gain something thoughtful that can help them to solve their problems and helps them in their work. This is why you need to post such content on your account. Furthermore, with this type of content also, you will get quality leads. 

Use analytics 

You can use analytics to know what type of content your followers like. The analytics page of the company is a great tool to understand what type of content your followers like. 

You can click on the update section of your analytics page, and you will get massive information about your recent LinkedIn post. Not only impressions, social actions and clicks, it also shows you the engagement rate and CTR of each post. 

Furthermore, you also have to learn about your followers. You will get a followers section on the analytics page click on that you will get demographic information about your followers. You can know from which industry your followers belong, and based on that, you can formulate content for the LinkedIn post. Moreover, you can also see the location, position, and company size of your followers. 

Try videos and images 

After getting an idea about what to post on LinkedIn, here are some tips on how to post the content to drive traffic. LinkedIn data says that to run a LinkedIn company page, your page must be filled with videos and images. Data shows that the comment rate on images is 98% and youtube video link has a 75% share rate. 

Whenever you are posting any piece of content on LinkedIn, try to add images related to the content. This will gain the attention of the followers. Moreover, instead of sharing video links, try to share videos. 

Study posting time 

Just having content is not enough. To gain traffic, you have to study at what time your content will perform best on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, content posted in the morning get a slightly higher engagement rate which again increases after business hours. But still, you should experiment with what will work best for you. 

According to another survey, the universal best time to post content on LinkedIn is irrelevant. Instead, you should make your own posting time. You can study data to find out which time will work best for you. 

One post per weekday 

Once you have got to know how to research content and what to post on LinkedIn, it is also important to know how often to post. LinkedIn data says that with 20 posts per month, you can reach 60% of your audience. 

You can’t reach 100% of your follower because a certain portion of followers will be inactive on the platform. You can schedule a post per weekday and can establish a good relationship with your audience. Consistency matters a lot to get the results. Make sure that your post also has the quality and is formulated with the following above-mentioned practices. 

Study your competitors 

The best way to do content research is to study your competitors. What type of content they are posting, and how they are engaging the audience? 

This way, you will get to see the companies in your industry and their data like followers, engagement, follower growth, and so on. You can compare your data with other companies and, based on that, formulate the best content strategy for your LinkedIn. 

Try to study in-depth and open-mindedly so that you will get an idea of how to ace content marketing. 

Some facts about LinkedIn 

  • There are 740 million people on LinkedIn, so you can understand how vast a community it is. 
  • According to Hubspot data, LinkedIn is 227% more effective in lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. 
  • You may get shocked, but 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.
  • According to Sprout social data, if you post content on Wednesday, the chances are higher of getting high engagement. 
  • Titles with 40 to 49 characters perform best on LinkedIn. So you should focus on this next time. 

Importance of marketing on LinkedIn 

Whenever you think about marking, only platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will come to your mind, but a platform like LinkedIn also has so much potential. Especially if you have a B2B business, you need to do marketing on LinkedIn. You will get so many potential clients on this platform. 

On LinkedIn, you can make connections with top industry leaders moreover can share your thoughts and ideas related to business. With marketing on LinkedIn, you can get into a business community that will help you a lot with so many things. With Facebook and Instagram, you should also focus on LinkedIn marketing. 

Wrapping up 

LinkedIn is the only platform with professionals all around the world. Moreover, to gain attention on this platform, you have to post quality content. For this, it is important to do content research for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a growing platform, and it has so much potential. With the regular posting of quality content, you can build a strong community and also establish a strong presence on the platform. 

There are already so many businesses that are using this platform and have a strong presence on it. To compete with them, you need to make the best strategy that will work best for you. We have listed the best practices for content research so that you will get an idea. 

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