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According to the earlier statistics for January 2020, 45.5% of the billion people are active internet users, surpassing 59%of the world population. The usage of the internet has altered consumers’ behaviours and the way companies operate their businesses. The use of the internet has changed the view of people about digital marketing, social media, and content marketing, Therefore, you need to understand the importance of content marketing. Mobile apps have become part of billions of people’s daily life globally. People consume data and spend most of their time online searching for information about products and services, exchanging communications with other consumers about their understanding of the company’s service and products. 

In this blog post, we will discuss content marketing, its strategies, and how they are beneficial to Facebook. 

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is a marketing method of creativity and distribution of relevant, valuable quality and consistent content (video, blogs article, and social media posts) on the internet to navigate profitable action. It is employed in business to drive profitable customer action, attract more customers, promote brand awareness, and keep your business trending. 

It helps the companies to increase customer loyalty towards their company and know more about the products by sharing valuable information with the consumers. 

Types of Social Media Content Marketing

The type of content you create will determine how progressive your business will be, who your target audience is, and how to stand out from competitors by trending globally. Here are the different types of factors to look for in social media content marketing to fascinate your consumers and make your business productive. 

1. Engaging content

This is the process of building a digital connection with your customers. The connection includes 

● You are telling your company stories that meet your customer at the right time, in the right place with a consistent and right message through marketing strategies.

● Companies Build and run websites with digital experience for consumers’ understanding and promotion of business. 

● Identify your audience through standard marking strategies and meet their needs through your products to optimise across all touch points.

There must be corporate responsibility, company reputation retirement, and customer reach to build lasting trust and content connection with your customers,

2. Interactive content

This is the usage of materials to relay messages to consumers about their participation in a product. The message can be in the form of videos, e-books, animated infographics, and games. Creating interactive content requires animation creativity, designing interactive graphics, and allowing a sneak peek of the product. This allows the companies to create more information about their products and services, which leads to more engagement and loyalty from their customers. 

3. Promotional content

This talks about the information and description of your products and services, giving notification to the consumers about them to market the products and gain more followers in need of their products. There is the distribution of blog posts and other content through the marketing channel, which includes email marketing, social media, influencer outreach, and websites. The strategies for developing content promotion include: 

● Direct selling 

● Advertising 

● Public relations 

● Personal selling 

● Sales promotion 

  1. Entertaining content

It includes videos, music, jokes, comics, and memes. To promote your business, make sure there is a consistent posting of good quality content which provides value to the audience, make it short, use images, and edit your post. 

4. Educational content

It is a technique established to educate and give support to your communication skills and ensure the content created is current, relevant, informative, interesting, and effective. Examples include tutorials, how-to guides, product reviews, and step-by-step videos. Content education enables brand awareness and fosters engagement between the company and general people, outgrowing competitors and promoting business. 

  1. Inspirational content

It gives companies the chance to tell their stories and reach their target audience in a way they can’t step back from your company. These include quotes, facts, and personal stories, allowing the brand to create unique content.

Benefits of Content Marketing Strategies in Social Media 

Content marketing costs less, is useful, is available globally in any industry, and has many benefits in different areas. Still, if you haven’t been empowered with it, it might be because you are afraid it might turn out bad or you are unaware of the long-term benefits. Here are some benefits of the marketing strategies. 

● Expand Brand Awareness 

● Increase Brand Loyalty 

● Partner with influence 

● Improved Search Engine Ranking 

● Better Conversion Rate 

● Evaluation of Performance 

● Creation of Organic Content 

● Higher Domain Authority 

● More Referral Traffic 

● Customer Feedback 

Content Marketing Strategies for Facebook 

Facebook as a marketing channel has more information about web users and is the most popular social media globally, with a 2.9billion effective users monthly. Marketing on Facebook increases awareness of your product. People discover, learn about the product, follow your page, and shop from your brand. 

Facebook is a platform that creates job opportunities for people, builds a relationship with customers, and holds discussions and live streams. Not only does Facebook has the power to promote and market business, but it also has the power to connect families, link old friends and give every little detail about you. So, if you want to build your page or generate an audience, the marketing strategies for Facebook are listed below. 

1. Prepare your Facebook goal 

When organising Facebook’s marketing strategy, the first plan is to set a goal. What do you want to achieve from it, and how do you want to grow your business? Building awareness, engaging the audience and communicating with your audience, and increasing website traffic all start with your Facebook business page. 

Once you have highlighted your goals, you can then start to implement them into action. So, where to start from? You can set up your profile page and set your marketing goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART). This will lead to an increase in your followers and promote your brand. 

2. Know your target audience 

Setting your goals and implementing them wisely will be useless if it doesn’t reach the right customers. For example, if your brand sells cloth, your target audience should be those who need cloth. So getting the right customer is important as setting your goals. 

3. Engage in communication with your audience 

As a company, you must never forget the basic ideas of a social media network. All customers want attention from the brand owner. However, you can’t reach out to everyone, but there are ways to communicate and increase engagement which means conversion should not be overlooked. Create a fans page for your customers where they get to chat with people, share new ideas, give feedback about the product and rate your product. This way, you can get long-lasting loyalty from your customers. 

4. Plan Engaging Content 

Creativity is about deep thinking and creating content in different styles and dimensions. So, content creation is an important content marketing element on social media. Engage in the content you are good at. In digital marketing, there are several choices on the type of content you choose to create and build a career on. When selecting content, keep your audience’s interest in mind and engage in content that will increase sales and promote your business. Also, always post content consistently to keep trending and schedule and plan your calendar to make it easy and adjust where you are lagging. 

5. Set your budget 

In your Facebook strategy, the next is to plan your monthly budget. As the world is revolving, you spend money to gain more money. But Facebook’s marketing strategy has proven it wrong. The social media network requires a low-cost amount to make your post, and ads keep trending all over the world. Know your budget for your marketing strategy and make sure your budget is within the standard features to increase your followers. This can have a beneficial impact on your company and make it productive. 

6. Track and measure your result 

The last step of your strategy is to explore your goal setting and analyse the result. It helps in identifying your obstacles and plans to overcome them. Tracking results helps to create a long-lasting vision, maximise the usefulness of your business plan, and to determine if your content relays its purposes and obtains changes.

If you follow these strategies above for your Facebook development, there will be progress in your business, and you will stand out from competitors. 


Nowadays, customers’ complaints can easily be resolved and serve as an example to the public with the help of technology. Digital Marketing and social media marketing have been used widely in creating awareness for promoting businesses and their services. Social media provides a lot of benefits and has helped many companies to keep pace. 

Follow the strategies mentioned above to engage and communicate with your customers to run a successful Facebook page. Expand My Business can help you in making the best use of your social media presence. By helping you avail the services of Social Media Marketing from the best agencies and companies across India, we help your business take digital.

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