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Real estate professionals have taken up blogging more than ever before a few years to build and maintain their brands, introduce new clients, and set themselves apart from the competition.

One of the most common heard advices you would have come across for content marketing in real estate is to publish blogs.

Real estate website professionals looking to make their presence known online find that blogging is a very beneficial tool, just as it has been for many other industries and businesses. Blogs alone may not bring in more clients or boost a business. To see an actual return on investment, you don’t have to keep publishing words repeatedly. To see results, you need to be more strategic.

In such situations, content marketing plays a vital role. Investing time and money in blogging is primarily about regularly creating and publishing original content on your blog. When you put your time and resources into content marketing, you serve the purpose of attracting prospects, capturing and nurturing leads, and acquiring new customers. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they are very different.

Overview of Real Estate Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a major role in real estate marketing, which isn’t immediately obvious to everyone. Online home listings are among the first steps homebuyers across generations take when looking for properties. 84% of prospective home buyers search for homes before inquiring.

Following are some of the important trends and figures that stresses on the importance of content marketing in the real estate industry:

Like any other industry, the rise of content and digital marketing in the real estate industry :

  1. Video content is becoming more popular: According to the National Association of Realtors’ survey, 53% of real-estate firms use video in their marketing strategies, with 92% of them finding it effective.
  2. Mobile optimisation is important: According to the National Association of Realtors, 63% of homebuyers use their mobile devices during the home-buying process. This highlights the importance of mobile optimisation on real estate websites.
  3. Local content is important: According to the Content Marketing Institute, 57% of real estate companies globally are already including content marketing strategies. This stresses on the importance of you choosing content marketing if not already to stay on top of competition.
  4. Social media used for content distribution: According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 92% of real estate firms use social media to share their content.
  5. Importance and importance of user-generated material: As per a study made by Zillow, it has been found that properties with user generated content like customer reviews or photos have 50% more chances of selling.
  6. Personalisation and customisation: According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 42% of real-estate firms use data and analytics in order to provide more customised content.

Importance of Real Estate Content Marketing

Real estate website

Creating valuable content as part of content marketing in real estate involves educating buyers and sellers, promoting your brand, and piquing interest in your products. The benefits of content marketing include:

  • Attracting more traffic to your website or social media profiles.
  • Engaging your customers.
  • Generating more leads that can potentially lead to sales.

You can build that critical connection with your audience and potential customers through content marketing. Customers want to do business with brands they recognise and trust, and you are effectively a walking brand.

1. Online Visibility is improved with Content Marketing

You can turn your real estate marketing ideas into sales by executing them well. A good online presence lets you reach new customers outside your smaller local market.

Search engine optimisation can be improved by posting blogs, videos, and social media updates and creating digital flipbooks of listings, among other methods.

For you to appear on the first page of search results, SEO is essential to making Google and other search engines love your content. Keywords, linking, and unique content can help you to achieve this. 

2. Assert your Authority and Establish Your Brand

As a real estate professional, one of your primary responsibilities is finding your clients and the right properties and meeting their needs.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Ensure that potential buyers see you as an expert who can help them by providing relevant information about your business.

Real estate professionals, for instance, find that monthly and quarterly market reports that include sales statistics enhance their brand’s credibility. 

3. Converting leads to buyers requires Great Content

Content marketing increases the chance of engaging home buyers with a proper strategy. A person may visit your website, read your blog, watch your promotional video on YouTube, or read an article on social media. Building trust with them during these encounters will make them more inclined to contact you when buying a home.

4. Builds Trust and Confidence

Content marketing can address people’s concerns as homebuyers or sellers by answering their questions. A good chance of sharing your blog, videos, or photos with their friends and family is when your blog is helpful, visually stimulating, or eye-opening. 

10 Effective Content Marketing practices for your Real Estate website

Listed below are the most effective content writing practices you can incorporate into your Real Estate website.

1. Sell Experiences, not Houses

You aren’t selling houses-you are in the business of selling experiences. This is the only way in which you can leverage content marketing effectively for your real estate website.

People get excited about what a new house means for them and their families, not just about the house itself.

You must understand this concept to differentiate yourself from other content marketers and attract more clients. It is much easier to write about topics people can relate to instead of things you think homebuyers should care about when you emphasise selling experiences instead of houses.

2. Build your Content for your Target Audience

Content marketing works best to build a large and loyal audience of customers and readers. They help promote your posts to more people outside your network due to the time and money you put into it.

You can leverage your blog as a broader resource for aspiring homeowners by using it as a way to leverage your brand. To become a larger source of information, you must write blog posts that address topics beyond what all other agents are writing about.

3. Invest in the Right Tools

It is imperative to adopt and use content marketing tools to standardise processes, automate tasks, and scale what works to become an effective content marketer.

Content marketing can benefit any real estate business looking to increase ROI. Ultimately, you will not be able to scale your marketing efforts if you do everything manually.

From ideation to blog post creation to social media sharing and contact email, there are a lot of digital marketing tools whose help you will require.

Eventually, you’ll need tools to help you accomplish things on your own because it’s impossible to do everything independently.

4. Take the blog post beyond its boundaries

You cannot simply increase your website traffic by publishing new blog posts. You have to provide more value to your readers and potential clients if you want to stand out from the competitors.

This requires you to devote time, energy, and money to creating free resources that you can post and give away for free in your blog posts, such as free email courses, videos and slide decks, ebooks, etc.

Giving your readers free access to these valuable resources in exchange for their email addresses is the most effective way of creating your brand recall. In your blog posts, you can include content upgrade offers that are popular and effective.

5. Use your existing network to your advantage

You can get a higher ROI from your content marketing efforts by simply asking your friends, family, and colleagues to share your blog posts whenever you publish a new one.

Content marketers rarely ask their friends, colleagues, business partners, and family members for help with promoting their content, even though it seems simple. By building your content marketing strategy, you can boost the ROI of your content and reach new audiences.

If you take the time to ask, these are faithful former clients and your advocates who would be happy to assist you. Easily share your latest blog post with your online community by sending emails or LinkedIn messages to those you know well. Being authentic with your emails is key here — you cannot send one mass message to everyone asking for help.

6. Collect and use Emails

In addition to collecting email addresses from your readers, you can implement another simple tactic to increase the ROI of your content marketing.

With a combination of email and content marketing activities, you can capture email addresses for nurturing.

This will help you in building a favourable relationships to qualify people who may qualify as potential clients now or in the future.

Content marketing can be quite effective when you leverage email as a direct communication channel with potential customers.

7. Create Amazing Videos

It doesn’t matter if you offer house tours, virtual tours, DIY tutorials, or other related content; consumers love videos!

The use of videos to showcase properties will attract visitors to your website. Top-quality videos are a key element in generating real estate social media content.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube are all possible platforms for sharing.

8. Informational Infographics

The all-powerful infographic is another great example of real estate content. It provides consumers with an easy way to visualise important real estate data. They are easily shareable and can drive traffic to your blog, listings, videos, and website homepages.

Your audience will gain valuable knowledge from statistics, amazing facts, and other valuable information. Don’t forget to create and brand your infographics appropriately before sharing them. 

9. Invest in user generated content

It is very important for real estate marketers to establish trust and credibility with their audience. This is because a decision like a home purchase requires a substantial amount of investment and resources.
Your audience must be sure of whether or not you are a trusted player in the market. This is where the role of user-generated content comes into play. With content materials like case studies, testimonials and recommendations, you can build a favourable relationship with your audience.

10. Focus on Creating High Quality and Engaging Content

The more blog posts you produce, the easier it may be to get noticed by search engines and your audience. But thin articles and poorly produced videos or infographics can do more harm than good. Providing value to your audience is the key to content marketing’s success in Google.

Create the best possible information for your target audience by using your best efforts or hiring professionals.

Final Thoughts

You can dramatically increase your return on investment by partnering with a top digital marketing agency rather than setting up an in-house team. With the help of a digital marketing agency that offers full-service marketing, you can design a seamless strategy that works for you. An agency that offers full-service marketing will know your business and what you want to accomplish. 

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