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As important as it is to get new customers to join your business endeavours and make purchases with you, it is equally important to have your old customers come back to you when they are looking for a product they need. Customer acquisition and customer retention are two typical activities that require good effort and application of fruitful techniques and strategies in marketing to be successful!

Bain and Company has revealed that a 5% increase in a company’s customer retention can give as much as 25% increase in the profits of the company. To help you successfully retain your customers as you continue to grow your customer base by adding new ones to the list, we have enlisted 6 best advertising and marketing techniques to help you always stay connected with your customers!

Is It Really Important To Stay Connected?

One of the factors that determine the success of your business is customer retention. As we mentioned, customer retention is as important as customer acquisition. So to answer the question – ‘Is it really important to stay connected?’

Yes, it is absolutely important for you to keep in touch with your customers because that is what creates loyal customers. These are the customers who buy from you again and again and again, but, without any effort from your end, they are not going to keep coming back to you. Simply relying on your products would not make your customers feel valued and it is extremely important to make your customers feel special and valued to keep them in business with you. Semrush reports have revealed that 58% of customers who are a part of a brand loyalty program tend to buy from that brand at least once a month.

These are the customers that keep your business standing when your marketing efforts may not yield any new leads and clients. Now imagine if your old customers also abandoned you at a time when you are unable to bring in new ones? Your business would collapse entirely. Therefore, staying connected with your customers is of great value. HubSpot research has revealed that as much as 90% of customers are likely to make multiple purchases from one brand!

Remember, you need to earn your loyal customers and maintain connections with them by doing things that truly matter and hold value to them. They are one of the strongest pillars holding your business up while you are busy expanding and trying to get more customers to join you. So, yes it is of utmost importance to stay connected with your old connections for positive future prospects. Read below to learn about some techniques that can help you do the same.

6 Advertising And Marketing Techniques To Always Stay Connected With Your Customers

According to Semrush reports, online displaying of advertisements is the most popular customer acquisition but only 4% of all marketers are using it. Here are the 6 best advertising and marketing techniques that the majority of successful companies use to stay connected with their customers and build stronger customer relationships:-

1.    Make Your Content Educational And Informative

With content marketing on rise, you need to ensure that any form of content you are sharing with your customers should be really catchy and value-adding. If your content is not informative, educational or helpful to your customers in any way, they are not going to engage with it or with your company. Every time you share emails and newsletters with your already existing customers, make sure it holds some educational value. DemandMetric has revealed that 78% of CMOs have admitted that according to them, custom content is the future of content marketing.

Customers really appreciate discovering new things. Only promoting your products and advertising about your best-sellers will bore them after a point. Quality content with useful information will keep them waiting for your updates and can help you maintain contact and connections with your customers well. Include more quizzes, tutorial videos, informational blogs and white paper in your marketing plans.

2.    Add A Personal Touch To Your Marketing Messages

When we are telling you that you need to add a personal touch to your marketing messages, we do not just mean that you need to add their name. Yes, address them by their name but that is not enough. You need to go beyond that and do proper research on what your customers like and want and what they do not like. Epsilon has claimed that 80% of consumers are at a higher chance of making a purchase from a company that provides personalised content and experience.

You need to prepare the content for the messages accordingly and give them what they look for and wish to read. This is going to make your customers feel valued and special even after they have completed their purchase with your company. The same thing is applicable to your ads. Make sure that your ads have an emotional and personal touch to them to develop the interest of your customers and your message gets communicated effectively. Good personalisation is possible by marketing efforts such as behavioural segmentation. Another related technique that has proved to work is data-driven segmentation.

3.    Create More Guest Blogging Opportunities

Another great way of staying in touch with your customers is by creating more guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogging is simply other people creating content for your website through blogging. These individuals are referred to as the “guests” and digital marketing experts such as Pamela Bourgault have spoken extensively about how guest blogs are a great content marketing strategy. According to a statistical report published by Optinmonster, 62.96% of the readers find blogs with multiple writers and authors to be more credible than a single writer.

She speaks of how guest blogs can prove to be really effective for staying in touch with your previous clients. These guest posts can be used to leverage the expertise of the firm in the industry and at the same time the knowledge contributed through these guest blogs can be used as relevant first-hand information and for planning lead generation campaigns. This can bring in plenty of organic traffic to your website and increase your chances of growing your leads.

4.    Patriotic Advertising

One of the best techniques to stay connected with your customers and to get in touch with new ones is by engaging in patriotic advertising. Have you ever noticed how advertisements play on your sentiments around the time of national celebrations like Independence Day? Yes, we are talking about a similar technique. Instead of just focusing on creating a patriotic feel in your advertisements during such important days, do it more often.

This is basically advertising your product or service to reveal to your viewers how it can support the country. An example of this type of advertising is when certain brands claim that a part of the cost of their product would be donated to a national cause or it will be donated towards the education of an underprivileged child, and more. Include patriotism and emotion in your advertising. Neuro Science Marketing has revealed in their study that the ads that have content that is purely emotional tends to perform twice better as compared to ads that have purely rational content (31% versus 16%).

5.    Promotional Advertising

Now you may be wondering what is promotional advertising? “Aren’t advertisements supposed to be promoting your products already?” Well…yes. But hear us out. When we say promotional advertising here, we mean that you market your product by offering free samples and you can even get their reviews on these. According to PROmotion Marketing reports, 82% of potential customers tend to have a more favorable impression of a company after they have received a promotional product or service from them.

Free sample products and special services is a great way to not just attract new customers but also reconnect with your old customers. This is usually a more common practice for offline marketing and advertising. For example, you can participate in promotional events and trade fairs and offer your products. You can share the information and invite your already existing customers via notifications, messages, and emails and get them to reconnect with your firm.

6.    Keep Track Of Important Days Such As Birthdays

Everyone likes it when you remember some details about them but as a matter of fact, the majority of your customers do not expect you to do the same. However, it is always good to remember important days like the day your customers connected and purchased with you or other days like their birthdays. And wish and congratulate your customers on these anniversaries. Your message or mail may come as a surprise to them, but nonetheless it will be appreciated.

This technique can not only help you stay in touch with your customers but it also makes your customers feel cared for. This will help you create a better impression on your customers and they are more likely to remember you. You can even offer some discount coupons or exclusive offers to your very special customers when they have completed one year of being in business with you. According to reports published by SAP, 60% of customers say that the biggest reason for them staying loyal to a brand is the unexpected reward.

We hope this article was helpful for you in understanding some popularly used marketing and advertising techniques. These techniques may vary depending on the nature of your business and the products and services you are offering but these are some of the best techniques that can give you assured results for your advertising and marketing efforts and help you connect and reconnect with new and old customers respectively.

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