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Social commerce is the use of social media platforms to buy products and services. Social media in recent years has become a popular medium due to the abundance of users and the user activities where all ranges of activities occur. Everything ranging from the research, product view and shortlist to the final payment process, everything is on social media these days. 

Social commerce is the concept through which the seller makes use of social media platforms to sell products and services. 

With people of all generations loving social media and actively using it, social commerce has become an important opportunity to sell your products to virtually unlimited customers. There are several reasons why your business must use social commerce, irrespective of its size and niche. Let us now understand how social commerce benefits both the sellers and the buyers. 

Better search engine ranking 

We all know the benefits of social media to your business. But do you know that posting your website links on social media can drive more traffic to your website? Yes. With more than 65% of the world using social media, it is easier to make leads if you post the website link in your social media profile. This will ensure that you have better search engine ranks and thus more traffic to your website. 

More authentic engagement of the customers 

The significant benefit of social commerce is the authentic engagement of the customers. The people can easily visualise your service/ products. Social media is generally a platform through which people can interact freely with anyone in this world. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if you could interact friendly with your customers. 

Great way to develop loyal customers 

The aim of using social commerce is to sell your products and want your customers to come back to you again and again. By showing your hard work/ behind the scenes, people will understand the difficulties you face, thus developing an emotional connection with you. It might start as empathy or small support, but it will eventually turn to huge support and loyalty. 

Consistent audience growth 

The working population, majorly falling between the age group 18to 60, actively uses social media for several reasons. It is a place where they can freely express themselves and interact with strangers across the globe. According to a study, the number of new social media users is 427 million as compared to the previous year. So the audience just keeps on growing! If you interact the same way with your customers and be in their good books, your business might grow to a great extent. 

Easy payments 

The world is gradually shifting towards digitalisation, and not everyone makes ‘cash on delivery’ Several payment methods are available like Gpay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, net banking, UPI payments, and credit and debit card payments. A conventional small scale store might offer fewer options, but with social commerce, even a small business has all the different payment options for the ease of customers. By offering different payment methods, you are one step ahead of the competition in this digitally powered world. 

Better branding 

What better way to market your business and its products than social media? By using social media, virtually there are unlimited leads. Social media can be a great place to create buzz before the product launch and can also be used to quickly let multiple people know about the upcoming offers and deals. Other than these, social media marketing is a great tool to grow your business. People are more likely to purchase a product if their acquaintance suggests it. So let the people talk to you, talk about you, and visualise the growth! 

Visible improvement in sales 

With good branding comes exponential growth in sales. With the audience loving your products, your business is bound to bloom. Statistics show that using social commerce will make you grow your business, hence gaining better profit. With more than 80% of Instagram users using the site to know about the new products, it wouldn’t be surprising if social commerce takes over the conventional business. 

Best place for specific audience engagement 

You might not find the one interested in your business with millions of people. But with social commerce, everything has evolved. It is easier for your business to engage with a specific group of people as most social media platforms promote services based on the product/ domain of the service. For example, if you sell clothes on social media, your business is more likely to be found under the ‘clothes/ apparel’ category of social media tags. This way, only the people who might be interested will approach you. 

Reach to more people

It is a no-brainer that using social media will make you reach millions of people. For example, if you own a small business in the interiors of Delhi and you have limited customers because many might not even be aware of your shop. But with the right social commerce strategy, you can reach your small business located in a remote place to potentially the entire world. That definitely sounds crazy!

Works for everyone 

If you doubt whether social commerce will suit your business, you need not have any second thoughts about it. Social commerce is a promising method to grow your business. It will not only help you to reach many people, but it will also help you to interact with them and build a loyal customer base. Irrespective of the size of your business, you can use social commerce. Even if you are trying to sell a highly technical product, selling through social commerce will work if you do the required postings and talks. 

Benefits of social commerce for the consumers 

Seamless shopping experience 

As a customer, all we want is trouble-free shopping. With social commerce, it seems a reality! Everything seems easy from the research, discovery, and buying of the product. Most businesses offer varied payment methods, which makes your shopping experience easy. 

Lots of stores and choices to look at 

Social commerce can offer a virtually limitless number of products to be viewed upon. For example, if you want to buy a dreamcatcher, you can view all the stores that sell the dreamcatcher. That way, you can look at all the products and shops. Whichever shop satisfies you, you can buy their product. 

Better visibility of the actual product 

Not sure of how the product might look on you? Don’t worry. Social commerce allows businesses to post their products with actual photos and videos. They might even post the products on the mannequin for you to understand better. Most probably, they might also have shared the customer images and reviews so that you can look at them as well! 

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A fun way to have a social shopping 

Tired of extended shopping sprees in malls? Don’t worry. Social commerce is for you. You can sit in your place and thoroughly understand the products and purchase them with just a single click! It’s not all done yet. You can easily share the products with your friends. Most likely, people will buy the product suggested by their peers. So it can also be an excellent way for you to ‘twin’ with your best friend! 

Enhanced user experience 

Everyone prefers social commerce because of its ease of usage and enhanced experience with the pandemic. Right from the social media page to the product, everything is designed for a better user experience. Many companies have AI chatbots to interact with their customers to clarify their queries. This saves time and effort. The customers don’t have to wait to speak to the customer service/ business representatives. Many small businesses try to include a freebie with the products so that the customers can feel better. Though this might sound petty, this creates a good impression about your business to the customer, thus enhancing their experience. 

To wrap it up: 

Social commerce is an attractive method to gain more loyal customers and have better interactions with them. Expand My Business can help you with your business need of getting customised social commerce services from some of the expert partner agencies globally who years who have transformed businesses. With the right fit of the social commerce services, you can help your business generate more revenue by increasing its presence on social media. Make use of social commerce and see your business growing.

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