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Panel Discussion with Nivedith Keswani (VC Matrix Ventures), Anubhav Goyal (VC Chirate Ventures), and Akash Khandelwal (VC Tanglin Venture Partners)

In an engaging panel discussion at CODE New Delhi 2023, titled “Identifying and Backing India’s Next Billion-Dollar Business,” seasoned VC professionals Nivedith Keswani, Anubhav Goyal, and Akash Khandelwal shared their expertise on navigating the complex terrain of startup investments. The conversation delved into various aspects crucial for both investors and entrepreneurs in today’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

Key Takeaways for Startups and Investors:

Understanding the Founder’s Vision and Drive:

The panelists emphasized the importance of the founder in the early stages of a startup. Investors look for founders with a clear vision, adaptability, and a strong drive to succeed. The founder’s passion and commitment often become the deciding factors in early investment decisions.

Emerging Sectors and Market Dynamics:

The discussion highlighted emerging sectors like deep tech, AI, IoT, and B2B services as promising areas for investment. These sectors, ripe for innovation and growth, offer exciting opportunities for startups to address new challenges and create impactful solutions.

The Balancing Act: Growth vs. Profitability:

Addressing the dilemma faced by many startups between prioritizing growth and profitability, the panelists advised a balanced approach. While growth is essential, startups should also focus on building a sustainable business model with clear revenue streams.

Risk Management in Venture Capital:

Investing in startups involves inherent risks. The panelists discussed strategies to mitigate these risks, including thorough market analysis, understanding startup dynamics, and closely working with founders post-investment to navigate challenges.

The Global Perspective:

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, the panel encouraged startups to think globally. Addressing not just local but international markets can significantly enhance a startup’s growth potential and impact.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

The growing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility was discussed. Startups that integrate these aspects into their business models are likely to attract more attention from modern investors who value not just economic returns but also social and environmental impact.

The Evolving Role of Venture Capitalists:

Venture capital today goes beyond mere financial investment. VCs are increasingly playing a role in mentoring, providing strategic guidance, and building networks for startups, contributing to their holistic growth and development.

Preparation for the Long-Term Journey:

Building a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint. The panelists advised startups to be prepared for a long journey marked by ups and downs, emphasizing the importance of resilience, patience, and adaptability.

Deepening Understanding: Further Explorations of Startup Dynamics

The Importance of Market Fit and Customer Understanding:

One of the critical aspects underlined during the discussion was the importance of market fit. Startups need to have a deep understanding of their customers and the problems they are solving. This customer-centric approach is vital for creating products or services that truly resonate with the target market and ensure sustainable growth.

Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage:

Emphasizing the role of technology, the panelists discussed how startups could leverage technological advancements to gain a competitive edge. Whether it’s through improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, or innovating product offerings, technology remains a key differentiator in today’s market.

The panel also touched upon the importance of understanding and navigating regulatory challenges, especially in sectors like fintech, healthtech, and edtech. Startups must be proactive in understanding the legal landscape and ensuring compliance to avoid potential pitfalls.

The Role of Mentorship and Networking:

For startups, the value of mentorship and networking cannot be overstated. The panelists highlighted how connections within the industry could provide valuable insights, open doors to new opportunities, and help in avoiding common pitfalls.

Adapting to Market Changes:

Another key insight was the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing market. Startups need to be agile, ready to pivot when necessary, and responsive to market trends and consumer demands.

Recommendations for Emerging Entrepreneurs:

Stay Customer-Centric: 

Always keep your customer at the center of your business model. Understand their needs deeply and tailor your solutions accordingly.

Embrace Technological Advancements:

 Use technology not just as a tool but as an integral part of your strategy to stay ahead in the market.

Be Regulatory Savvy: 

Especially in regulated sectors, keep abreast of legal changes and ensure compliance.

Network and Seek Mentorship: 

Leverage the power of industry connections and experienced mentors to guide your journey.

Remain Agile and Adaptable: 

Be prepared to adapt your strategies in response to market shifts and new opportunities.

Final Thoughts:

The CODE New Delhi 2023 panel discussion provided a rich tapestry of insights, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the startup and investment world. For startups navigating this landscape, the key lies in balancing innovation with practicality, vision with adaptability, and ambition with a deep understanding of market realities. For investors, it’s about identifying potential, fostering growth, and navigating the inherent risks of startup investments. Together, these insights form a roadmap for navigating the challenging yet rewarding journey of entrepreneurship.

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