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Content marketing is an amazing digital marketing technique that has now been adopted by all businesses. And one of its most essential elements is a blog! According to reports by First Site Guide, there are over 570 million active blogs on the internet globally as of 2021! This article explores some effective ways to promote your blog and get high engagement and increase your audience for the long run!

Why Are Blogs Important?

Whether you are blogging as a part of a business’s marketing team or you are just doing it independently, blogs can prove to be really beneficial. A report published on the Internet Live Stats website revealed that as many as 7 million blog posts are published on a daily basis. Here are some ways in which blogs are important for you and your business:-

  1. Blogs are a wonderful way to create brand awareness by providing information that your target audience is looking for.
  2. Another reason why blogs are important is because they help you prove your expertise if your blogs are adding value and credible information to the buyers.
  3. Blogs can help you improve your search rankings on search engines like Google that assess the ability of a blog post or content to educate the target audience.
  4. Blogs give you an opportunity to humanize your brand and give you an edge over your competitors and use it to build a personal connection with your customers and clients.
  5. Blogs once published will stay on Google forever unless you delete them yourselves. And a well-written blog can help you top the Google charts and generate leads for several years after publishing.

8 Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs

Here’s some interesting information: According to a research conducted by Sidegains.com about 23% of bloggers reported that it takes about 3.5 hours to complete writing a blog post! And when you invest so much time and effort into creating just one blog post, it would take a considerable time for writing multiple blog posts. So how do you get your efforts recognized? By promoting your blogs! And here are the most effective ways of doing it right:-

1.    Send Email Newsletters

Let’s just agree that email marketing is an amazing marketing technique that businesses all across the world are using for growing their business. While you are at it already, it is a great idea to include the blogs published in your weekly/monthly newsletter and link it to the website. This can not only help you promote your blogs but also increase your email subscribers! Reports by HubSpot have revealed that businesses with active blogs generate 97% more inbound links.

2.    Answer Questions Using Your Blog Post In Forums

Another interesting way is to include your blog posts as answers to questions asked by your target audience. Now, there are multiple ways you can do that right? But did you try exploring Forums? There are several public Forums that are simply dedicated to answering people’s questions. One of the most popular such forums is, no doubt, Quora! But when it comes to promoting and marketing your blogs, there are many more Forums on the internet. Some of these are purely academic and scholarly in nature, so if you are doing it, it’s time to explore these!

3.    Build Inner Circles

There is no different way of saying this, but just build inner circles! The more inner circles you have, the more are your chances at personal branding and marketing your business. Every time you are publishing a blog, share links in your close contact groups and request them to share the links around. Furthermore, you can build even more specific content and marketing groups in tools like Slack and Google Hangouts. These can be a great opportunity for you to promote your blogs and other content pieces! HubSpot has revealed that blogging is the top inbound marketing strategy for 55% of marketers.

4.    Follow The 100 Rule

A simple but effective rule of marketing is The 100 Rule – make 100 new contacts everyday! How can this benefit you in promoting your blogs? When you increase your contact list and your potential leads, your chances of getting higher engagement on your blogs increase as well. And if 100 seems like a daunting number to you, you can always start with a lower count and eventually make it to 100. But set a goal and do not abandon the list even for a day. Best way to do it? It is by being super active on social media. Comment on posts, follow new people, interact with business, participate in conversations, and more!

5.    Build A Visual Appeal

Images, Photos, Videos, GIFs… add all these elements to your blog post to make it more appealing and as readers tend to be more interested in reading and exploring blogs that have an ample amount of attractive visual content to help them de-clutter or relax their mind from the textual overload. But remember not to overstuff your blogs with these visual pieces just for the sake of adding it. Orbit Media has revealed that 39% of bloggers who add 10 or more images report getting stronger and more successful outcomes. Plan out the visual content and use it to deliver social messages through your blogs, make the content more fun, add proof or evidence of what you are writing, and more!

Twitter is always brimming with news or something informative. Now, of course there are other conversations going on that may not exactly add a lot of educational value to you but let’s not go there. Our research has revealed that Twitter is used primarily for gathering different types of information. So that’s what you need to do… tweet about some tips and trends related to your niche and add blog links to it as well to promote blogs. Tips and trends are the most ideal ways to educate your audience as they have practical application and real-time basis and do not take up much time in reading. Your informative blogs are likely to attract new audiences and if they like it, they will definitely go through your blogs to know more!

7.    Add Guest Posts To Your Blogs

Guest posting on your blogs is another great opportunity for promoting blogs. A successful example of successful guest blogging is Buffer, which added about 100,000 subscribers to their list in a few months by publishing 150 blogs on their website. Guest posts can add valuable content to your blogging website and give a multi-dimensional view to your blogs that can open it up to a wider audience. Furthermore, you can write guest posts for others and put in some essential information and links about your own blogs! Web Info Tech reports have claimed that about 60% of bloggers guest post occasionally.

Another amazing way of promoting your blogs is by simply introducing your audience to more blogs. And all you need to do is add the links to some related articles at the end of the article or the bottom of the page. This will increase the views to your old blogs and keep your readers interested in what you have to offer to them. WordPress offers a few plugins to promote some relevant older blog posts. The top three of these plugins are: Contextual Related Posts, Related Posts, and Yuzo Related Posts.

We hope this article helps you chalk out your promotion strategy that can upscale your blogs and give you the results that you have waited for. Blogging is a great practice and with the right promotional practices, they can help you achieve your professional business as well as personal goals easily and effectively!

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