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Many businesses face challenges in identifying and converting leads into customers. Lead generation is complex, requiring not only a robust sales strategy but also significant investment. This guide explores top software and tools designed to enhance your lead generation efforts and seamlessly integrate with your sales approach, offering a strategic advantage in the competitive B2B landscape.

What is Lead Generation Software?

What is Lead Generation Software?

Software that helps in customer relationship management, prospecting, data enrichment, automatic marketing or simply helps in generating new clients is called lead generation software.

20 best lead generation software/tools:

1.  Hunter

Hunter is an outreach tool, it can easily find someone’s e-mail from the website. You can use it to find, verify and send e-mails. It is essential for an e-mail marketing campaign. Moreover, its usage is very simple i.e. you simply need to put the domain name and the tool will find the e-mail for you.

For a B2B outreach sales campaign, hunter.io is a game changer. 

2. LinkedIn

You can accomplish almost all lead generation needs with the help of LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn is neither a traditional software nor a tool but it is a great platform for B2B link generation. You can connect with businesses within your niche, you can communicate your expertise with fellow businesses/clients/public etc, moreover, with the help of certain tools like ‘LinkedIn sales navigator’ and ‘LinkedIn ads’ you can directly generate links.

3. Upviral

It allows businesses to create giveaways, rewards and winner lists. You can integrate upviral’s lead-generation forms, social buttons etc into your website pages. Upviral ensures an engaging environment for your business which is indispensable for a successful B2B campaign.

4. Octopus CRM

Efficiency and integration are essential for all digital marketing campaigns. Octopus CRM allows you to send bulk messages and connection requests, and track customer management activities. Additionally, it can easily integrate HubSpot, Linkedin, google ads etc. 

It is an all-inclusive lead generation software which makes lead generation seamless.

5. HubSpot

It is an all-encompassing sales management software. For most people, HubSpot is the silver bullet for all their lead generation needs. From CRM to blogging and from ads automation to business analytics everything can be managed from a single dashboard on HubSpot.

Moreover, it provides detailed ROI reports and integrates all your social media presence including Facebook, and LinkedIn into a single dashboard along with google ads.

6. Agile CRM

This software is handier for small and medium businesses. It’s a cloud-based software which helps in identifying leads and running automatic marketing campaigns. Along with project management and lead management, its USP lies in creating pop-ups and forms for personalised lead generation.

7. Unbounce

The best way to get leads is to build a kickass landing page. Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders. E-commerce firms and other digital marketing firms need a robust landing page for ensuring higher conversions.

You can choose from numerous landing page templates or customise your landing pages. Additionally, you can develop customised pop-ups, forms and sticky bars which can get triggered due to a particular action.

8. Google Ads

Google ads have recently become one of the principal digital marketing tools. It allows you to advertise your products inorganically on search engine result pages and get them higher ranks. With the help of some keywords, your potential client can easily find you.

A pay-per-click campaign led by Google ads is cost-effective and available globally, moreover, google ads allow you to track your campaigns so that you can make appropriate changes and ensure a positive return on investment.

9. OptinMonster

One of the best conversion optimisation software, it allows you to reach more customers. It specialises in targeting ‘abandoning visitors. While it provides basic facilities like pop-ups, banners etc it is its conversion strategies based on customer behaviour that makes it stand out from the crowd.

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Additionally, OptinMonster provides data in real-time which allows you to make course corrections continuously.

10. Omnisend

It is one of the most intelligent e-mail marketing tools present currently. It essentially automates e-mail marketing for you, but in an extremely intelligent way, for example, if profit margins are high on a product it can offer discounts on that project which makes conversion rates go very high.

11. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is like a CCTV camera for your website with analytical capabilities. It analyses who visited your website, what did they click on, what did they want etc. In this way, Leadfeeder tracks customer behaviour and generates leads. 

It also assists in generating sales pitches as it analyses marketing data, further, it ensures the lead generation and acquisition process is done automatically.

12. Novocall

In the age of digital marketing, the importance of call campaigns has reduced significantly, but by no account are they less effective. Novocall essentially integrates call campaigns with other digital marketing campaigns. It assists in maintaining call records, call rerouting, call tracking etc.

Additionally, it allows you to embed the click-to-call widget on your website and other marketing campaigns such as social media campaigns.

13. Intercom

Intercom is one of the best lead generation software as it allows you to target your customers via chatbots in real-time. You don’t need a real person for the job as the chatbots can reply to standard queries, grievances and concerns.

This chatbot can also assist in lead generation by asking for private information such as mobile numbers and setting up meetings with potential customers. These chatbots give an interactive dimension to your website.

14. Pipedrive

It is yet another CRM software that allows you to generate and manage leads and client deals. Its live chat and chat box features to increase conversion rates substantially. Its ‘Leadbooster’ feature makes lead generation semi-automatic. 

It ultimately increases productivity and reduces waste which is very important for the success of any sales campaign.

15. Typeform

Typeform provides a number of survey/form/poll templates that can boost engagement on your website. You can even customise these templates as per your needs. It is very easy to integrate Typeform with your digital marketing campaign. For example, you can link it with your social media, send it via e-mails etc. 

Typeform provides that essential edge to your lead generation campaign that can be a game changer.

16. Leadpages

It helps you in the development of landing pages. You do not need any coding knowledge to use the services of Leadpages. There are a number of templates to choose from, additionally, there is the customisation option.

With the help of Leadpages, you can easily integrate your landing pages with your e-mail account and CRM software. Leadpages in this way allow you to build high-quality landing pages, which can enhance the conversion rates substantially.

17. Fiverr

It is not exactly lead generation software, it is a marketplace where you can interact with lead generation experts. It is very easy to use, you just need to sign up and set up your profile. The charges of Fiverr are minimal and there are a number of experts on Fiverr who can help you optimise your sales campaign and generate more and more B2B leads.

18. Meetup

It is one of the most innovative lead generation software. It allows you to collaborate with the experts of your niche in your vicinity. You can ask them to allow you to speak on their forum or you can set up your own event where different niche experts can participate.

It is important to understand that while Meetup can be used for lead generation the purpose of the event should always be that of educating the audience or the event may have undesirable consequences.

19. Cleverly

It is a workflow automation tool that seeks to ‘codify’ your corporate intelligence. It is essentially a substitute for junior sales personnel, as a lot of sales work can be seamlessly automated with the help of Cleverly. 

The Cleverly website describes the impact of  automation due to its software use in the following manner  “Workflow automation allows Cleverly customers to bring a robust and scalable solution to existing processes and practices”

20. Seedprod

Seedprod is yet another landing page-building software, it has all the essentials of a landing page-building software such as ready-made templates, customisation options, subscriber management etc. But its uniqueness lies in its user interface. It is very easy to use, for example, it has a drag-and-drop editor which is very efficient.

It can integrate easily with other lead generation software and CRM software, thus whatever your needs are, seedpod has got you covered.


Selecting the right lead generation software depends on your unique needs and financial considerations. The wide range of software and tools listed here provides diverse capabilities to enhance your lead-generation efforts. Exploring and integrating these tools can significantly empower your sales team for greater success.


Is there a single best lead generation software?

No, the ideal software varies based on your needs and budget. The listed tools offer different features to cater to diverse requirements.

HubSpot and Unbounce are highly recommended, but trying multiple tools and finding the best fit is essential.

How can I choose the right software?

Evaluate your specific needs, consider budget constraints, and try different tools to determine the most effective solution.

What if the listed tools don’t meet my needs?

There are numerous alternatives in the market for lead generation software. Explore options until you find the perfect fit.

Can I integrate multiple tools for comprehensive lead generation?

Absolutely, integrating multiple tools can enhance your lead generation strategy. Select tools that complement each other and align with your goals.

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