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Hiring a software development company for your business is the first and most crucial step when you plan to automate your business. The benefits of outsourcing, including low cost, higher reach, increased efficiency, access to global talent, etc., make it one of the best options. However, you should consider several fundamental aspects of choosing the right agency. Here’s a list of 10 qualities to look for in a software development company to make things easier for you.

10 Must-Have Qualities to Look for in Your Software Development Company

1. Experience and expertise in the industry

You need to be assured that your business lands in the right hands. When looking for a software development company, see if they have experience in your industry and what kind of results they have achieved previously. This ensures that the agency is well aware of the challenges and opportunities that might come in and that it’ll be in a position to handle them easily.

Before outsourcing your IT project, one of your key priorities should be to see if the agency is results-oriented or not. Taking insights into any agency’s track record will help you get a better picture of where that development company stands in the market, thus reducing the risk in software development outsourcing.

 Another best way to proceed with this is to look for their past clients, testimonials and current market performance. Testimonials act as social proof for them and establish you as an expert capable of solving their problems. They act no less than an unpaid marketing campaign, so make sure to leverage them properly.

2. Software development project methodology

The way any outsourcing company works speaks a lot about their work. A detailed workflow process reflects a systematic, hassle-free way of executing any software development project. Right from planning and ideation to execution and final product, see the kind of approach they have.

A detail-oriented plan reflects work commitment and that they are immersed in helping you develop the software. Look out for the project management methods they employ and see if they will cater to your needs. Some common models include the waterfall method, agile methodology, lean software development, etc.

Software planning enhances the predictability of software deployment and helps guarantee the product’s success. This entails the scope of the project, timeline, resources required, prerequisites, pricing, testing, etc. Therefore, having a clear idea of the same helps in developing robust and effective software with minimum to zero errors.

3. Understanding the client’s requirement

Every client expects the software agency to understand their needs and requirements and work accordingly. And you must expect the same. This is another way to find your potential agency. Talk to project managers about the scope of the project, your objectives and end goals. Have a clear conversation to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Today customised software is something almost every client looks out for to stand out from its competitors. See if the agency is flexible enough to cater to your custom software development goals. Look out for agencies that can comprehend your problems and expectations and help you develop a product that will solve your problem.

4. Management support system

Every project that goes through the project management process adheres to a project life cycle, which serves as a roadmap from beginning to end, including numerous policies, processes, and concepts. 

Ideally, you should converse with project managers regarding your expectations before and after the software development. This is also crucial because you may experience some unknown shortcomings that need fixing even after you receive an error-free product. Ensure that the agency provides support and maintenance services after the software has been developed, as the software requires regular updates to meet customer requirements. 

Having room for backup services in case of bug fixes and customer help support is always a green signal.

5. Latest tools and technologies

The field of software development changes quickly and constantly. Often, software development trends are influenced by programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. To provide their clients with the best of services, agencies need to be updated with recent developments in the industry to meet the market’s demands for high-quality projects, including new programming languages, frameworks, tools, etc.

For instance, some trends include cloud computing, ReactJS, NoteJS, Angular 2+, Python, hybrid app development, progressive web applications (PWA), low code deployment, virtual reality (VR), DevOps, blockchain, etc. Knowing this leads to a healthy approach to customised software development. Therefore, before outsourcing your software development project, check whether the agency is well-equipped with the latest technology and resources.

6. Team of skilled people

It goes without saying that collaboration and teamwork are advantageous to businesses. Software development is not a one-person job. You will need a whole team of product managers, programmers, copywriters, UI UX experts, SEO specialists, back-end and front-end developers etc., who work in sync to maintain the efficiency of the project. Having a team that works together bolsters the efficiency of the overall project. 

One of the efficient approaches you might take as a business owner is to communicate with the team and understand how they work. This also mitigates any sort of miscommunication and establishes a healthy relationship between both parties, hence boosting product quality and even improving the company’s marketability. 

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7. Clear and open communication

Effective communication helps save time, minimise errors, make the most of the budget, and improve the team environment. It is a soft skill essential for the success of software development. Defining a clear plan of action and outlining clear communication channels makes everyone aware of the tasks to be completed within the allotted time limits. 

Testing becomes more effective when communication is improved. Software testing speeds up when your team receives better information more quickly, can begin testing earlier, and can quickly communicate and fix bugs when they are discovered. Therefore, having clear communication between the team and client should be one of your priorities from the beginning of any project.

8. Data security concerns

Getting any software developed through outsourcing means you’ll be exposed to data threats. Security is a major worry when it comes to disclosing private information about your business and the data needed to work on the project. Common security threats range from insider threats to advanced persistent threats, and as a business owner, one of your prime concerns is finding a development company that safeguards the same. 

A security breach is another concern clients face while moving forward with any project. Any event that leads to illegal access to computer data, applications, networks, or devices is classified as data breaching. Make sure that the agency is capable of handling such critical matters. As a matter of safety, make sure to get an NDA signed by the agency before the onset of the project.

9. Cost-effectiveness

Budget is one of the deciding factors for choosing a software development company. It’s always a better option to conduct research from your end and understand the market price for your outsourcing project. Eventually, you’ll be able to figure out a range with which you can play around.

Do remember that one of the main reasons why businesses outsource software development projects is to get premium quality services at a low price. If you are burning your pocket in the process, you might need to give a second thought about that agency. 

The key is to see what all services are included in the price you will be paying. Demand for a transparent breakdown of the pricing structure and doubly check if there are any hidden costs you might have to bear eventually. If everything looks good, make an informed decision, and move forward with it.

10. Location of the agency

Yes, the world is going digital and location is one of the last things that should concern you. However, hiring an offshore software development agency might also result in different time zones, thus giving rise to a communication gap. If that concerns you, try looking for development agencies in your city. One of the key advantages of this is that it eliminates the chances of language and cultural barriers and helps in easy and effective communication. 

In addition, you will also have the advantage of meeting the team and project manager in person. If you can find the right agency that checks all the other boxes within a certain periphery, that should be a good option to move forward with.

Final words

Before hiring a software development company, it is crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure your software will be of the highest quality, use the most up-to-date technical tools, and be completed on time and under budget. The above points will serve as a checklist for the same. If you are looking for a reliable company for custom software development services, Expand My Business is the one-stop solution with its easy agency discovery process and end-to-end project management solutions.

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