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Key Takeaways

Average Conversion Rate Increase: Companies with the top landing page designs see an average conversion rate increase of X%, highlighting the impact of design on user engagement. (Source: Gartner/Statista, 2024).

Loading Time and Bounce Rate: In 2024, landing pages with load times under X seconds reported Y% lower bounce rates, proving speed is crucial for retaining visitors. (Source: Moz/SEMrush, 2024).

Mobile Optimization Impact: With Z% of internet browsing done on mobile devices, companies with mobile-optimized landing pages in 2024 enjoyed a W% increase in mobile conversions. (Source: Statista/SEMrush, 2024).

Design Directly Influences Conversions: The correlation between sophisticated, user-friendly design and higher conversion rates is undeniable, underscoring the need for businesses to invest in quality landing page design.

As we dive deeper into the world of digital marketing, we realise that generating leads and further converting them into customers is a tough nut to crack. Nevertheless, having a quality landing page in place can certainly enhance your ROI on advertising. If you are unfamiliar with a landing page, keep reading to understand its fundamentals.

And in case you are aware of what it is but aren’t sure if your landing page is effective or not, hop in and start reading, as this blog will not only give you an insight into the basics of a landing page but also help you seek inspiration from 10 companies with the best landing page designs to convert your web traffic.

What is a Landing Page?

As the name suggests, a landing page refers to a web page where the customer ‘lands’ in response to clicking on a link in an ad, email or any other social platform like Google, YouTube and Instagram. 

How is it different from a website’s homepage?

A website’s homepage serves many purposes, like letting viewers explore their range of products/services, providing links to its infotainment services, or simply displaying or sharing information about the brand. From the homepage, a viewer can move in any direction but not necessarily buy, signup or register.

A landing page, on the other hand, has a single goal or a call to action (CTA). This is where the final purchase, signup or registration takes place, and the visitor is converted into a customer. Hence, having a compelling landing page is extremely important.

What are some of the important elements of a landing page?

Of course, there can’t be a set formula for making a landing page highly converting. However, certain elements must be part and parcel of your landing page to convert your leads into customers. Primarily, a landing page must be simple to navigate through and free of distractions – which means it should precisely focus on one conversion goal rather than having multiple CTAs or links. It should literally be a stand-alone web page with a clear, concise motive.

Moreover, it should be eye-catching and visually appealing, so paying attention to visual aesthetics is equally important. Besides, the page should be mobile-responsive as nowadays, more people browse through their smartphones. In addition, pinning reviews/feedback from your customers will make you sound more authentic, genuine and reliable.

10 Best Landing Page Designs

Now let’s look at the 10 best landing page design ideas you can seek inspiration from to improve your website session duration.

1. Netflix

A streaming platform that gives subscribers access to millions of movies and shows without burning a hole in their pockets was a dream too good to be true many decades ago. However, despite having many competitors today, Netflix has become one of the best streaming services worldwide. What’s worth appreciating is its minimalistic landing page.

A strong background showcasing an array of award-winning and popular movies/shows (clearly indicating what it’s all about), bold hues grabbing the viewer’s attention, and a simple CTA to get started by just entering your email id is a sure-shot example of an effective landing page. It won’t intimidate people who are not that tech-savvy. Moreover, it highlights its USPs and provides a list of easy-to-understand FAQs for the convenience of the viewers.

2. YouTube 

YouTube needs no introduction. We all have this one app installed on our phones where we enjoy innumerable free videos and music. Most of you would be aware that Youtube provides a subscription-based premium service where the subscribers can enjoy watching videos without any ads and also listen to music in the background while using other apps or with the mobile screen turned off.

This is highlighted attractively by the landing page of the Youtube premium service. Simple yet powerful, you can scroll down to see people emerge in the world of Youtube with their headphones plugged in and a single CTA ‘Get YouTube Premium’. 

3. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is a digital health and wellness company based out of India. Health is undoubtedly the most-priced possession of any person, and this company provides a holistic digital fitness ecosystem to improve health. Their landing page persuades its users to invest in their personalised fitness plans and achieve their fitness goals effectively.

The most unique benefit of the page is its clean interface, including simple graphics with brief outlines to explain its services. Also, the page depicts the testimonials of the users that benefitted from it, along with statistics on the total number of users, ratings and total weight lost to date. Impressive, isn’t it?

4. PayPal

One of the most secure and preferred payment gateways, PayPal stands tall with over 30 million users worldwide. Its USP lies in providing high-end security, and its easy-to-access UI is reflected in its landing page with a concise CTA ‘Sign up for free’. Their catchy headline, ‘Take care of you and yours at home, and we can take care of you online,’ practices what it preaches and makes you feel secure spontaneously. 

Besides, the page is straightforward and manages to convince to join their global community of millions who are shopping and receiving payments securely through PayPal on a daily basis. The soothing colours and attractive graphics are easy on the eyes too. 

5. Inshorts

An app that promises to keep you informed in 60 words without having to read lengthy news articles is a blessing for all of us! It clutters and delivers the latest news in 60 words, making it super convenient for the readers.

What’s even more appealing is its amazing landing page with a simple CTA suggesting app download, easy-to-read-and-understand paragraphs that showcase its USPs and some stats to back up the fact that they are best in the business. Their goal is clearly spelt out on the page ‘ Stay informed in 60 words,’ and the entire page can be digested within seconds. After all, when it comes to landing pages, less is always more!

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6. Zerodha

Zerodha, one of the largest stockbroking firms in India, vows to overcome impediments investors face while trading in securities. With a very minimalistic and easy-to-navigate landing page, Zerodha gives a strong message to its investors that they can invest in anything from stocks to derivatives to mutual funds with the top brokers in India.

It also highlights its accolades which are like the cherry on top, and how its pricing policy is unbeatable with a flat brokerage and transparency in pricing, which means no hidden charges. Enough to compel you to click the ‘Sign up now’ button, isn’t it?

7. Uber

Another example of a brilliant landing page is Uber, with its page narrowing down its focus on one thing: Why ride with Uber! ‘Always the ride you want – request a ride, hop in and go . . . Sign up to ride’. Uber, the world’s largest ride-sharing company, has been in business for a while now and is one of the most valuable startups all across the globe.

And their landing page shows just that – with catchy images and graphics, you can easily understand how it works, what makes it stand out from the crowd, how safe its service is, how extensive its network is and finally, some FAQs at the end to sum it all up. It’s effortless to navigate, compelling and straightforward. 

8. Shopify

Thanks to its simple yet effective landing page, you can get started with Shopify in no time by just entering your email ID. Shopify is an e-commerce platform where anyone can set up a store and begin selling their products. Its page has less text but still manages to persuade visitors to set up their website in 3 simple steps. 

The dashboard screenshot gives a concise idea of what to expect post sign-up. Besides, it shows the brands successfully running their stores through this platform, including a testimonial of a successfully running brand’s owner. That’s it, an epitome of a minimalist and concise landing page.  

9. Zepto

Fun, vibrant, and super engaging – Zepto’s landing page is all of this and more! A startup that took ‘delivery at your doorstep’ way too seriously by delivering groceries and snacks in just 10 mins in most major cities has a promising landing page with a CTA encouraging app download.  

Bold colours give the page a lively look, and fewer text-more graphics make the page easy to navigate for even those who don’t get along well with technology (considering the fact that its audience includes all sorts of people!). Moreover, the page points out the messages from its happy customers and how they no longer have to worry about groceries.

10. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging platform designed particularly for businesses to facilitate faster, more effective and secure communication between departments, offices, time zones and other corporates. Their growth story has been highly inspiring, with more than 75% of Fortune 100 companies trusting Slack for their business. What’s also inspiring is their landing page idea.

To begin with, its headline, ‘Great teamwork starts with a digital HQ,’ grabs the viewer’s attention and its powerful graphics are too convincing. What’s more, their customer stories are also quite genuine, with proper videos testifying them along with the name of powerful brands like IBM that have faith in Slack.


A landing page is an asset for any organisation and plays a vital role in its commercial success. However, many companies neglect its significance, and that is why it’s crucial to hire a team of dedicated developers and designers to design it with persuasive elements to convert on an offer.

Seeking assistance from companies like Expand My Business can also help design an effective landing page with its verified partner agencies, end-to-end delivery management, and milestones-based Escrow Payment Solutions.


Q1: What criteria are used to evaluate the best landing page designs?

The evaluation is based on several key criteria, including user experience (UX), visual appeal, load time, mobile responsiveness, clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and conversion rate effectiveness.

Q2: Can you list some companies known for their exceptional landing page designs?

While specific company names can vary depending on the source, companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Shopify, and Mailchimp are often praised for their innovative and user-friendly landing page designs.

Q3: How do these companies’ landing pages improve conversion rates?

These companies’ landing pages are designed to minimize distractions, provide clear value propositions, and feature compelling CTAs that guide users towards making a decision, effectively boosting conversion rates.

Q4: Are there common design elements among the best landing pages?

Yes, common elements include minimalist design, high-quality images or videos, concise and compelling copy, clear CTAs, and a focus on the user journey to minimize bounce rates and encourage action.

Q5: How often do these companies test or update their landing pages?

Successful companies continuously test and iterate their landing pages based on user feedback and data analytics to optimize performance and keep the design fresh and engaging.

Q6: Can small businesses replicate the success of these landing pages?

Absolutely, small businesses can study these examples to understand key principles of effective design and apply them to their own landing pages, even with limited budgets, by focusing on clarity, simplicity, and user needs.

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