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Companies are constantly striving to develop software to stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital world. In order to foster software innovation, most businesses from the US and Europe are constantly searching to acquire a pool of experienced Indian software developers as India has become a global leader in IT due to a highly educated and technologically competent workforce. We recognise that hiring a software developer can be difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, businesses worldwide continually rely on India-based qualified developers and other IT specialists to complete their software development projects. Let’s see what makes India a hiring hub for IT projects.

10 Benefits of Hiring a Software Developer from India for Your IT Project

1. Cost-effective solutions

Cost-effective solutions-Hiring a Software Developer

One of the primary reasons for outsourcing is to reduce costs, and hiring a software developer from India fulfils that. Since the cost of living in India is less, the amount you pay to developers in India automatically gets reduced. Hiring a software developer in the US can run you anything from $75 to $450 per hour. But in India, this price ranges from $15 to $40 per hour. California is still 140% more expensive than Bangalore, which is regarded as India’s most expensive IT powerhouse.

Moreover, 59% of multinational corporations employ Indian offshore engineers to reduce the cost of software development. Hence, by hiring software developers, coders, and programmers in India, businesses can save their IT spending by about 20 to 30 per cent. And most importantly, this reduced cost doesn’t imply that you’ll have to compromise the quality of the project.

2. A talented pool of developers

It’s become increasingly tough to find developers with the necessary skill set. India is, without a doubt, the world’s leading location for corporations and highly skilled engineers. And it’s for this reason that IT companies are attempting to take advantage of this enormous pool of developers. Be it an intermediate or expert software developer, you’ll find developers at all levels.

Indian software engineers possess excellent technical expertise and a positive attitude toward their profession. These Indian developers work very hard and shrewdly to complete various challenging assignments. They carry out every form of software development assignment very inventively. This being said, companies that are hiring will be in a very advantageous position when this predetermined attitude is present among developers.

3. Latest technology and excellent infrastructure

Latest technology and excellent infrastructure-Hiring a Software Developer

India has drawn several domestic and global investments in IT thanks to its sizable technical resource pool, aptitude for IT, and success in software creation. The experience and technological know-how of the developers greatly aid them in producing fantastic iOS, Android, and web applications and elevating your company to new heights. 

India is a preferred outsourcing location for high-quality software development solutions, custom web development solutions, and mobile app development solutions thanks to its abundance of young, skilled engineers and world-class infrastructure. This ensures you don’t have to worry about resources when outsourcing your software development project.

4. Quality work assurance

You may be drawn to Indian developers by their inexpensive charges, but the reason that will make you stick with them is the top-quality work they deliver. This is undoubtedly the main factor behind India’s dominance in the field of custom software development. Most Indian software companies hold ISO certification, and their employees are highly skilled and can carry out your project seamlessly. 

Further, Indian software developers put a lot of effort into producing the desired results and ensuring that the software is supported and maintained so that it can adapt to the changing needs of the business. Thus, you can expect their support even after the completion of the project.

5. Technical expertise

India will have the largest developer base in the world by 2024, according to the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), with a 39% growth rate. By 2024, India will have 5.3 million software developers compared to the United States 4.4 million, thanks to this historically high growth. Additionally, Indian programmers are experts in creating SaaS, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and many other technologies.

The technical expertise and work ethic of Indian software engineers ensures that they innovate and provide value throughout the software development lifecycle. Depending on your company’s demands, you may quickly employ the best programmer for various frameworks and languages, like Java, React.js, Angular Js, Python, Android, iOS, full stack, and others.

6. English-speaking developers

A critical factor in India’s worldwide success in software development hiring has been the availability of a qualified workforce with English-speaking capabilities. There are about 125 million English speakers in India. Unlike other places, English is taught as the first language in India and is integrated into the curriculum from the very beginning. 

India’s success as a destination for software development outsourcing on a worldwide scale has been significantly influenced by the availability of a competent workforce with English-speaking capabilities. This ensures smooth communication, and language is no longer a barrier for Indian outsourcing developers. 

Indian developers are also taught how to interact with others effectively across all communication channels to eliminate the language barrier. Thus, despite the difficulties posed by their location, top-tier Indian developers are constantly kept busy with a steady flow of business from all across the world.

7. Transparency

Transparency-Hiring a Software Developer

Client satisfaction and productivity both increase with greater transparency. A transparent process further helps in establishing trust with customers. You may trust developers because a lot of their work is transparently evident since they are honest about what they do. Indian developers are accustomed to dealing with clients across the globe.

Eventually, this helps the clients learn about the best practices and productivity tools, and get updates about the project’s development at every step. Be it the scope of work, or the pricing, you can expect complete transparency on hiring Indian developers and a hassle-free and smooth flow of work.

8. Quick Project Delivery

India has enough personnel, facilities, and resources to carry out the app and web development process in alternating shifts and to offer 24/7 support, guaranteeing timely delivery of the work. Secondly, India is a great place to recruit software engineers for your custom software development project because there is a significant time zone difference between India and western nations, thus promising the quickest time to market for your product.

9. Customised services

Customised services-Hiring a Software Developer

Instead of buying off-the-shelf software, you can easily get custom software designed, implemented, tested, and deployed to meet the needs of your firm. India has a large and diverse pool of developers with expertise in the newest technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, full stack development, mobile application development, etc. Besides, they offer customised packages that cater to the needs of their client, making them more in demand in the IT space.

10. Hiring flexibility

Another reason businesses hire Indian software developers is their flexibility. With a scalable recruiting approach, you may hire developers and specialists at a cost that fits your budget or at a fair market rate. This means that when a client requires it, they can hire in accordance with the project. 

India has an extensive capability to accept outsourcing projects for software development because it annually produces over 1.5 million engineers. Furthermore, compared to developers in the US, UK, and other western countries, they are more adaptable and receptive to flexible work schedules.


In a nutshell, hiring Indian software developers for software development projects seems to be the best option if you need developers for a variety of services. With their vast skills and expertise, they stand out from the crowd and are in demand to work for clients worldwide. Most clientele favours them because they deliver work efficiently. To simplify the process, you can reach out to Expand My Business, which helps you connect with the right agency while catering to your end-to-end delivery management needs.

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